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Behind every smile there’s a story

Your smile is an air-hug, a “you got this” or a cheeky “I quite fancy you!”

Whether you’re embarrassed to go on a date, self-conscious in selfies, or too shy to ask for that promotion you’re well overdue… don’t let your smile hold you back.

Oh, and forget everything you know about ‘the dentist’.

We do Lifetime Smile Confidence with a difference.

Our Smile Stories
Photo of Lou Smiling

Lou’s rockin’ her new smile

What we did

The signature Smile Stories sequence: Aligning, Brightening and Contouring for life-changing confidence in herself.

Total time taken

4 months

She said

“Just go do it and you’ll be smiling for life I’m sure.”

This is Smile Stories

We take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves

Smile Stories does dentistry differently.

Without fire-breathing dragon receptionists.

No weird white coats.

Just a down-to-earth team who make ‘going to the dentist’ feel more like visiting friends.

Invisalign Bournemouth Teeth Straightening Friendly Team
The barely noticeable Invisalign aligner

If you don't want people to know you're straightening your teeth

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We’ve been working on perfect smiles for over 12 years. We know what works well and how to work well with you. Let’s talk.