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There’s a story behind everyone

And we’d love to hear yours.

Whether you’ve struggled to see a dentist and have one too many broken teeth, you’re embarrassed to go on a date because your teeth are crowded, have lost teeth and can no longer chew your favourite food or your frown is showing the stress of the last few years… we want you to know these things don’t have to hold you back.

Here at Smile Stories, our experienced team help with cosmetic, general dentistry, implants and facial aesthetics. Our clients find us to become a healthy, natural, confident, smiling version of themselves.

Although our team are some of the most technically skilled in the country, it’s you, the person and your story that makes us love what we do. We are a modern, not overly formal dental, implant and aesthetic clinic. You’ll see when you meet our team.

We’re nothing like your old dentist.

Our Smile Stories
Smile Stories Interior

General Dentistry you’ll love. Yep, you heard us right.

We do dentistry the way we’d like it done on ourselves.

Comprehensive, unhurried and uncompromised.

There are no conveyer belts and no patchwork repairs at Smile Stories.

If you’d like a general dentist for ‘normal’ dental work which last decades to come then we’d love to help.

We call it Total Mouth Health.

A healthy mouth in perfect harmony with your body. Happy gums, strong teeth and a focus on preventative, proactive healthcare.

If that sounds like the dentistry you’d like to receive then get in touch.

Photo of Lou Smiling

Lou’s rockin’ her new smile

What we did

The signature Smile Stories sequence: Aligning, Brightening and Contouring for life-changing confidence in herself.

Total time taken

6 months

She said

“Just go do it and you’ll be smiling for life I’m sure.”

Free Video Consultation

All you need to do is send us 6 easy photos of your smile.

Our Aesthetic Dentists will analyse these and send a bespoke Confident Smile Report advising you of your options to achieve your smile goals. From there you can book in for a complimentary Video Consultation with one of our Invisalign dentists.

Whether you live in Bournemouth, Poole, or anywhere else in Dorset, Smile Stories is here to help you regain confidence in your smile.


Why bother?

You’ll get an idea of what’s possible to get you smiling confidently without giving up your time or money at a dental appointment. It’s completely risk-free!

You’ll come away with an easy to read action plan, and an estimate of costs and a timescale to create your beautiful new smile with your best cosmetic dentist in Bournemouth.

Sound good?


Have a head-turning smile

Being seasoned cosmetic dentists, we’ve seen the look in our clients’ eyes time and time again, and we totally understand how smile confidence can make a huge difference to your life.

Check out our life-changing aesthetic dental services. Seeing you beaming from ear to ear without inhibition for the first time in years once your smile makeover is complete is the most rewarding beyond words.

It might sound cheesy, but we love changing lives.

We get it; how you feel about yourself matters so much and that’s why our team are here to transform more than just your smile, health or face. Check out the video below to see the reactions of just some of our incredible clients. 

Your Free Video Consultation

Your first step to smile confidence is taking our free video consultation. With six simple photos of your smile, our aesthetic dentists will start to design your action plan and transform your smile and your life.


This is Smile Stories

We take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves

Smile Stories does dentistry differently.

Without fire-breathing dragon receptionists.

No weird white coats.

Just a down-to-earth team who make ‘going to the dentist’ feel more like visiting friends.

Invisalign Bournemouth Teeth Straightening Friendly Team
Learn about what 'at home braces' don't tell you... from one of our experts image


We Change People’s Lives

Here at Smile Stories, we understand that a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile go hand in hand. Our friendly team of cosmetic dentists are here to help show you how we can give you Lifetime Smile Confidence.

Take our free video consultation by sending us six photos of your smile, and we’ll produce your very own confident smile report. This report will show you how our aesthetic dentists will help you achieve your smile goals.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dental clinic in Bournemouth that offers the full plethora of cosmetic dental treatments, look no further than Smile Stories.

The barely noticeable Invisalign aligner

If you don't want people to know you're straightening your teeth

Read more

Don’t Wait Any Longer

Confidence comes from feeling good about yourself inside and out. Here at Smile Stories we can give you that award-winning smile — thanks to our cosmetic dental treatments and our smile architects.

We want to change people’s lives for the better by helping them along their smile journey. Why not check out the smile stories of previous clients and see how our friendly experts have helped make a difference not only their smile, but also their confidence. It’s what we do.

Free Video Consultation

The first step to smile confidence is taking our free video consultation. With six simple photos of your smile we will design your action plan and transform your smile and your life.


Smile Confidence is Closer than You Think

Our expert team of cosmetic dentists is hard to come by, and that’s why we welcome clients from far and wide. Although we are based in Bournemouth, our carefully planned appointments and digital-first communication (yep, just WhatsApp us!) mean that we are sought after from much further afield.


As award-winning Bournemouth cosmetic dentists, we often get enquiries from all over the UK. We are known for our top-quality dentistry delivered with a friendly, relaxed vibe. It couldn’t be easier to visit us from neighbouring towns and cities. Our clients regularly visit from: 

Awards and Appearances

Don’t Forget Your Free Consultation

The first step is to take our free video consultation. With six simple photos, we will design your very own action plan, which contains an estimated cost and timescale. Start your smile story today and transform more than just your smile.

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