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9 Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Your smile can say a lot about you. Your smile is your flirtatious weapon of choice, your expression of joy and your authentic reaction to people and things that give you happiness. Therefore, it is important that you are happy with your smile and are willing to happily hand it out without a care in the world. 

Unfortunately, not everyone feels this smile confidence, and natural teeth staining can leave people reluctant to flash those pearly whites. That is where we come in at Smile Stories. We all know that a bright white smile is a hugely attractive feature but is teeth whitening all that it’s cracked up to be? We take a look at the top nine benefits of teeth whitening.

Staining and discolouration are natural and can happen even if you maintain good oral hygiene. If staining has taken its toll on your teeth and you want to flash those gnashers with confidence, you might consider undergoing professional teeth whitening. If so, keep reading to find out all about how teeth whitening can transform your smile and life for the better.

1. Shiny New Smile

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of teeth whitening is that you have a shiny new smile after the procedure! Your teeth will look and feel great. Just be prepared for your friends and family to keep complimenting you on your super smile that they hadn’t noticed until now. 

Your cosmetic dentists will be able to get rid of those deep unsightly stains that whitening toothpaste doesn’t help and leave you with newfound lifetime smile confidence. 

2. Newfound Self-Esteem

Do you feel like your teeth have been holding you back? Too nervous about flashing a confident smile at your crush across the bar? Prefer to avoid those holiday selfies because you are worried people will notice your stained teeth? Feeling better about your smile is essential for more than just your self-confidence.

Low self-esteem can cause serious harm to your mental health and leave you with depression and anxiety. Boost your self-confidence with quick and simple teeth whitening.

3. Improved Oral Health

Looks aren’t everything when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. We also want to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy. One of the big benefits of teeth whitening is that it can lead to improved oral health. You are probably wondering how? Well, when our expert professional safely removes the staining from your teeth, it gives them the chance to reinforce and strengthen themselves. This means you are less likely to develop plaque build-up and associated problems like gum disease and cavities. 

Find out why we are different and how we can give you a better-looking smile and a healthier one.

4. Mental Health Benefits?

As we previously mentioned, a lack of smile self-confidence could have a negative impact on your life. You might avoid social interactions, shy away from challenges and stop doing the things you want to do because you can’t get over your “imperfections”. 

Just remember, we are not here to make your smile “perfect”. We don’t believe you need to change anything about yourself, but we would like to help you feel better about your smile and feel like the best version of yourself. 

Oral health is also vital. Poor oral health can lead to several diseases and cognitive issues later in life. When you come in and see us, you reduce your risk of these issues by having regular contact with our team.

5. Rapid Results

You may have tried one of those messy teeth whitening kits that never give you the results you were looking for. Those sorts of amateur teeth whitening kits can leave you wasting weeks or months of your time attempting to get that shiny smile you have always wanted, all to no avail. 

When you come in to see us at Smile Stories our teeth whitening not only gives you the results you have always wanted, but we can carry it out in one quick tooth whitening session and without the need for repeat sessions.

6. Results that Last

Another one of the main benefits of teeth whitening at Smile Stories is that our results last. Although we would love to see you again, we don’t expect to see you coming back for any repeat teeth whitening sessions anytime soon.

All we ask is that you back up our fab teeth whitening work with your own good dental hygiene routine. This will help ensure that your beautiful pearly whites stay brighter for longer.

7. Whiter Smile means a Brighter Future?

Okay, so it might sound ridiculous but apparently, a beautiful smile can actually improve your chances of professional success. We aren’t saying that one of the benefits of teeth whitening will get you the promotion you have always wanted. Still,  it could certainly be another reason to add to the list if you are feeling on the fence about the idea of getting that dream smile you have always wanted.

Enjoy lifetime smile confidence and have the confidence to tackle your challenges and ambitions.

8. Safer Than Ever

When people think of going to the dentist, they often have this archaic image of terrifying surgeries and painful procedures. This is why many people will try at-home teeth whitening instead. However, we are here to tell you that this isn’t the case here at Smile Stories, and it definitely isn’t the case when you are getting your teeth whitened. 

Many at-home teeth whitening kits can leave you with irritations or increased tooth sensitivity. Our professional teeth whitening couldn’t be safer as our cosmetic dentists will carefully monitor you to ensure that you look and feel great throughout the whole process.

9. Affordable

It is not just celebrities getting the smile of their dreams! You don’t need to take out a loan to get professionally whitened teeth, and you don’t need to feel bad about investing in yourself. 

The teeth whitening treatments at Smile Stories are highly affordable, with great teeth whitening prices and even better member discounts.

Here at Smile Stories we are always ready to take that smile journey with you. We want to make you smile with confidence once more, and thanks to our range of cosmetic dental treatments, we are sure we can help. All you need to do is contact our friendly professionals, and we will take it from there. 

Contact Smile Stories for your free video consultation and find out how we can help you achieve your smile goals. Find out more about our teeth whitening treatment and let your personality shine as brightly as your smile.


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