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What are the benefits of teeth whitening at the dentist?

Patients may be very familiar with the amazing cosmetic benefits to professional teeth whitening Bournemouth available at Smile Stories, but there are plenty of other reasons why you should trust a qualified dentist to whiten your teeth.


While we applaud every patient who takes a greater interest in their smile (seeing that so much depends on the quality of your smile), the brightening effect of teeth whitening Bournemouth carries with it other weighty considerations.

A pleasing bright smile is indicative of good oral health and happy smiles make for a more confident individual. To achieve these positive effects, there are two avenues open to patients, over-the-counter products and in-clinic teeth whitening Bournemouth, with each option carrying its own list of benefits.

Over-the-counter products may have the appeal of convenience, but this should be measured against the results that can be achieved with in-clinic whitening procedures. After all, this dental treatment is mainly sought for its cosmetic benefits. Here are some of the most sought after benefits of in-clinic teeth whitening treatments.

Longer lasting dramatic results

At the top of the list of benefits offered by teeth whitening treatments in the dental practice are the amazing brightening results that can be achieved, in comparison to products that are bought at a shop. In addition to dramatic whitening results, patients also receive their desired outcomes relatively more quickly than if they were to do it themselves. The whitening results from professional treatments have been found to last far longer than alternative options.


The reason why treatments offer better results when performed by our dentist is because the concentrations of whitening ingredients used in them are stronger. High levels of certain ingredients used in these treatments need to be used safely to protect patients’ teeth from damage. As an experienced dental practitioner in teeth whitening procedures, our dentist knows what levels are considered safe by regulatory bodies and how best to administer treatment to produce the results a patient is after.

Less risk of damaging teeth

There is a reduced risk of a patient damaging their teeth and causing more dental problems. As only a dentist can carry out in-chair treatments, there is no opportunity for a patient to overuse a product. Using over-the-counter products incorrectly or exceeding the prescribed duration of use can result in irreversible teeth damage.

It is worthwhile noting that before any teeth whitening procedure can be carried out, our dentist is required to make sure there are no pre-existing oral health conditions that need attention first. A patient who shows signs of cavities or tooth decay or any other dental problem will need to have these issues treated first. In some cases, discoloured teeth are caused by an oral health problem and not due to common causes such as smoking, the natural ageing process or consuming certain foods and beverages.

Achieving a beautiful bright smile has never been this easy or convenient thanks to in-chair whitening treatments. For a well-established dental clinic with friendly and competent dentists, choose Smile Stories. We offer modern dental care with a patient-centric approach.