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Can You Register With More Than One Private Dentist?

Patients opting for private dental care have the advantage of accessing an array of general and cosmetic dental treatments, with a broader spectrum of services compared to what is available through the NHS. Private dentistry not only offers flexibility and addresses issues when they arise, but also emphasises preventive measures, aiming to minimise the need for reactive treatment. 

A common question that arises is whether someone can register with more than one private dentist, so we’re on hand to shed some light on the possibilities and considerations involved.

Can You Register With More Than One Private Dentist

Understanding private dental care

Private dental care in the UK offers patients a range of benefits, including unhurried and convenient appointments, a wider array of treatment options, and a personalised approach to oral health. When you go to a private dental clinic, like Smile Stories here in Bournemouth, you don’t just get a standard quick check-up that the NHS offers, you get a thorough Dental Health Check which includes a Professional Hygiene Visit, gum disease screening, oral cancer screening, cavity and decay detection and tooth wear analysis, as well as a bespoke plan to achieve your health and smile goals. 

Private dentistry is different to NHS dentistry, in that private dental practices operate independently and set their own fees for services. This means they can offer bespoke, individual plans not a one size fits all solution.

Can you register with more than one private dentist?

The short answer is yes, you can register with more than one private dentist. Private dental care allows patients the flexibility to seek services from multiple dental practices simultaneously. However, we believe that once you find a dentist that puts their heart and soul into the best dental care and guarantees the best results like we do at Smile Stories, you won’t need to register with another private dentist.

It also makes sense for one clinic to understand and guide you through the journey.

Why do some people register with more than one private dentist?

Some people generally register with more than one standard private dentist to get access to a broader range of specialised dental services. Different practices may specialise in specific areas, allowing patients to benefit from the expertise of various professionals. But, here at Smile Stories, we save the faff when it comes to to-ing and fro-ing between different private dentists as we offer comprehensive treatments all under the same roof, so we believe there is no need to be registered to more than one private dentist when we offer a complete range of services to cater to every dental dilemma. 

Considerations before registering with multiple private dentists

While registering with more than one private dentist is doable if it works for you, it’s important to consider a few factors before doing so:

Financial implications

Private dental care involves costs, and registering with multiple dentists may have financial implications. Patients should carefully assess their budget to ensure they can comfortably manage multiple dental registrations.

Remember private dentists that put patients first, like us here at Smile Stories want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to tell their smile story, so if you can’t pay your dental fees upfront, you can spread the cost interest-free for up to 18 months.

Communication with multiple dentists

Open communication is key. Patients should inform each dentist about their multiple registrations to ensure transparency and facilitate coordinated care. This ensures that all practitioners are aware of the patient’s overall oral health situation and can continue to make the best decisions based on previous and ongoing dental care.

Consistency across treatment plans

Patients should discuss treatment plans with each dentist to ensure consistency. Having a clear understanding of recommended procedures and timelines will contribute to effective and coordinated dental care, and will prevent any hiccups from happening along the way. 

You need to consider who is treating you and whether you feel comfortable. If you enjoy your visits, like and trust who is taking care of you then you’re more likely to visits, which means less dental work in the future.

The Smile Stories Approach

We encourage open communication with our patients and do things differently.

Smile Stories is committed to delivering comprehensive dental care. Our team collaborates to ensure that our patients receive consistent and high-quality treatment, even if they are registered with multiple practitioners.

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