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Could having veneers fitted even out your teeth?

When your adult teeth come through they can be all sorts of shapes and sizes, and as you get older these can sometimes cause you to have an uneven set of teeth that make you feel too self-conscious to smile. At Smile Stories we can help you achieve the look that you want when it comes to having a nice, even set of teeth.

dental veneers

Getting veneers in Bournemouth will completely change the way you feel towards your teeth. This treatment is capable of resolving a multitude of problems and is suitable for adults of any age. If you want to start the process of getting the smile that you want, then it is easy to book an appointment at our practice. This can be done in person, over the phone or via our website, and if you require any further information our friendly team will be more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

Achieving an even smile is easy

Once you have booked your consultation appointment, you will be able to discuss the concerns that you have regarding your teeth with our dental professional. We will be able to recommend whether you need your whole set of teeth treated or just the one singular tooth. When you are having your veneers in Bournemouth fitted, our dental practitioner will carefully prepare the surfaces of your teeth before attaching the thin pieces of porcelain.

These bits of porcelain offer a little bit of extra protection to your teeth, as well as making them more aesthetically appealing. They are made to look and feel exactly like natural teeth, and taking care of them is easy. It is important to take care of your teeth, as this will keep your porcelain appliance stronger for longer, but it will also reduce your chances of experiencing tooth decay or gum disease.

Do more than just disguise a chip

Commonly, veneers in Bournemouth are used to cover up the appearance of chips. However, where a veneer is capable of making each tooth appear a different shape, they can also give your smile a completely new look. Having oddly shaped teeth can leave your smile looking wonky and your confidence low. Sometimes you may only require one bit of porcelain to be fitted onto one of your teeth to complete your desired look, whilst other patients will require several, and in some cases an entire set, to help them resolve their insecurities.

This treatment is capable of brightening your teeth, too. This is more noticeable when you have several teeth altered, as when only one tooth is being treated the appliance will be made to blend in with your other teeth so it does not stand out or appear obvious. In addition to this, if you find yourself scrutinising over small gaps between your teeth in the mirror but are not a fan of having braces, this treatment can cover up your unwanted gaps by making your teeth seem wider.