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Damaged Teeth

Teeth are hardwearing but there are a number of ways in which they can be cracked, chipped, fractured, or lost. Damage can be sustained by being hit in the face, falling over, banging your mouth, biting down on something with force, having a decaying tooth and/or having large fillings that can’t support what’s left of the initial tooth. If you have damaged your teeth in any of these ways your best option is to make an appointment with your dentist. If the damage is noticeable, for example, you have a chipped tooth at the front of your mouth, or if it’s very painful, you should make an emergency appointment so you can receive treatment as soon as possible.


Smile Stories can help you deal with damaged teeth

Smile Stories offer same day emergency appointments. Smile Stories specialise in loss of teeth, as there is a possibility they could save your original teeth and they could be implanted back in to your gum, allowing the tooth to be saved. In many cases of tooth damage, the practice will recommend crowns & bridges in Bournemouth as the best option to help repair the damaged tooth or teeth. Bournemouth crowns & bridges are versatile and are often used for various other dental treatments. Crowns can be used to cap the top of a tooth that’s received root canal treatment and bridges are used as dental implants. Both are secured into the jaw to enable the patient to have a new, fully functioning tooth that could last a lifetime.Crowns & bridges in Bournemouth are extremely hardwearing and are fitted and coloured so they blend in naturally with your teeth, and if looked after correctly they could last indefinitely.

If you have a damaged tooth and live in the Bournemouth area, make an appointment or an emergency appointment with Smile Stories to receive treatment, or to discuss what treatment is available to resolve the issue. Bournemouth crowns & bridges could restore your teeth to their former glory and no one will ever notice that you may have had problems with your teeth.