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Dental Implants Questions Answered: Top 9 FAQs

Do you feel confident about your smile? Have those missing teeth left you feeling apprehensive when someone suggests a selfie? Does the phrase “say cheese” strike fear into you? We get it; we could all use some help when it comes to finding smile confidence, and what better way to do so than by replacing those missing teeth with our dental implants.

Dental implants are essentially fake teeth. When we say “fake teeth” you might think of those loose-fitting, removable false teeth your grandparents used to wear, but dental implants are far more advanced. These smile-boosting implants have the appearance of what nature would give you if it were in a generous mood. The ultra-modern implants are “implanted” under your gum line, making them a long-term solution that consists of a hand-made and ultra natural-looking crown and a titanium root that painlessly cushions the implant to your gum. Let the experts at Smile Stories answer your top nine frequently asked dental implant questions and find out why this is the treatment for you.

 1. Is the Procedure Painful?

There’s no need to worry! We know that many people stress out at the idea of visiting their dentist, but our clients tell us that Smile Stories is quite different. We aren’t like your traditional dentists, we are non-formal, modern cosmetic dentists that put you first.

We believe dentistry should be done gently, carefully and unrushed. When it comes to dental implants, we use a local anaesthetic to numb the area, meaning you won’t feel any discomfort during the entire procedure. Afterwards, you may experience a few days of mild discomfort, but this is nothing that can’t be managed with a mild over-the-counter painkiller.

2. How Do I Care for Dental Implants?

As your gums and teeth take time to recover after the procedure, it is important to leave them to heal. That means no poking or brushing the area initially, as this can cause the area to swell and even set back your recovery. 

Once the recovery period is over, then you should care for your implant the exact same way you look after your teeth. Good dental hygiene is as important as ever, so make sure that you are brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly. 

3. How Long Is the Recovery Period?

You might have read the common misconception that the recovery period for a dental implants procedure is years — but don’t worry, this really absolutely not the case. The average recovery period for dental implants is normally between three to six months. This is the time it takes for the jaw to fuse with the artificial implant, allowing it to replace the original tooth root and make itself at home.

4. What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Depending on where you go, dental implants can be made of a range of long-lasting materials. Here at Smile Stories, our implants are made up of two parts, with the root being replaced by an ultra-durable titanium replacement that sits under your gum. The crown, on the other hand, is hand-made by our carefully selected master ceramists and designed to look identical to a natural tooth.

5.  Are Dental Implants Expensive

One of the most important dental implants questions is obviously about the price. However, the answer is difficult to estimate until we have had a chance to look at the work required. Our dental implant prices start from just £2,495 for a single tooth dental implant. If you want to get the smile you have always wanted but are feeling a little strapped for cash this time of the year, then check out our financing options.

6.  Can Anyone Have Dental Implants?

Another one of the most common dental implants questions we get asked is, “Can I have dental implants if….?”. The good thing about dental implants is that almost anyone of any age can get the smile they want with our life-changing cosmetic dentistry.

Having said that, there are a couple of exceptions. First of all, the quality of the jaw bone plays a major role in this surgery being successful, and therefore, we will need to take 3D scans and X-rays to determine whether you are eligible for dental implants. Other issues that can impact the success of these implants include a history of excessive smoking, gum disease, auto-immune diseases and severe illnesses.

7. How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Our latest implant solutions are not only highly durable and long-lasting but also made from biocompatible materials. Therefore, as long as you look after your dental implants properly, you can expect them to last for decades. Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and so in the unfortunate event that your crown, bridge or denture breaks and needs replacing, just let us know and we will have you ready for the cameras again in no time.

8. Are Dental Implants Safe?

Going ahead with cosmetic dentistry can be a nerve-racking decision, but with Smile Stories, you better believe that you are in the best hands possible. Our experienced aesthetic dentists know as well as anyone that dental implants treatment is as safe as it gets. The world-leading Swiss manufactured Straumann implants have shown to be highly effective and remarkably safe over decades.

9. Can Dental Implants Replace Dentures?

Another one of the more common dental implants questions we get asked is, “can dental implants replace my dentures?”. Overall, dentures are an effective way to give you a full, whiter smile. However, dental implants remain the best alternative to traditional dentures. This treatment not only gives you a more natural smile than dentures but also removes the embarrassment and worry of having your dentures slip out at any moment. 

We understand that smile confidence comes from within, but here at Smile Stories, we want to help you find yours. Dental implants are one of the most effective forms of cosmetic dentistry, whether you are missing a tooth or don’t have any left. Why not start the year by boosting your confidence and let 2022 be the year you learn to love your smile.

Find the answer to all your dental implants questions and see how we can transform your smile. Get in touch with our aesthetic dentists today and get your free consultation.


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