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Dental Bridges

Missing a tooth or two? Don’t worry, we’re here to bridge the gap between your missing teeth. 

  • Eat the foods you enjoy again
  • Smile without spaces
  • Used for single or multiple teeth gaps
  • Open evenings and weekends
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Replace unwanted gaps in your smile with dental bridge treatment at Smile Stories

Have you got a missing tooth or several missing teeth that have made you shy away from smiling or made it difficult to enjoy your favourite foods?

You’ll be pleased to know that you’re not alone, and we’ve got just the solution for you.

Dental bridges not only restore the way your smile looks, but they also improve your overall oral health and functionality.

Our team at Smile Stories is dedicated to providing you with top-notch care and a comfortable experience, ensuring you leave us with a big, bright smile that you’re proud of. 

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Eat your favourite foods again

We understand that missing teeth can be embarrassing and affect your quality of life. Dental bridges can be used to fill unwanted gaps and restore your confidence.

Dental Bridge Clinic Opening Hours

We look after people who work so don’t just happen during the 9 – 5, so we’re open evenings and weekends to help our patients.

Monday:            08.00 – 20.00

Tuesday:           08.00 – 20.00

Wednesday:      08.00 – 20.00

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Saturday:           08.00 – 17.00

Sunday:           By Appointment

dental bridge

What is a dental bridge?

We try to get clients to think of dental bridges as a ‘bridge’ that fills the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge is made up of two or more crowns or wings stuck to a natural tooth to fill a gap – these anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth – and a false tooth/teeth in between.

At Smile Stories, we use porcelain because it blends seamlessly with your real teeth and creates the most natural looking smile. 


Dental bridges are a fantastic option because they:

  • Restore your smile in the most natural way
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position
  • Restore your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth


Unsure whether dental bridges are the right option? Take a look at our guide to dental bridges vs dental implants.

dental bridge bournemouth

Dental Bridge treatment Bournemouth – What to expect

Wondering how dental bridges work? Let us walk you through it – it’s much simpler than you might think!


Initial chat – The first step to a restored smile starts with a friendly chat with us either online at our clinic. We’ll take a look at the foundations of your teeth and gums and take x-rays then let you know if a bridge may be a good option. This is the perfect time to ask any questions and voice any concerns you may have.


Tooth preparation – To prepare for a dental bridge, the abutment teeth (the teeth on either side of the gap) need to be prepared. If the plan is to cement a bridge with a wing then no tooth preparation will be required. 


Digital impressions – Once your teeth are prepared, we’ll take a 3D scan (none of those messy impressions!) of your teeth, which will act as a model for your bridge. These impressions are sent to our lab where your bridge will be hand-crafted to fit perfectly and blend in seamlessly. In the meantime, you may wear a temporary bridge as a prototype to see if you like it. 


Fitting the permanent dental bridge – When your permanent bridge is ready, you’ll return to our dental clinic for the fitting. We’ll remove the temporary bridge and place the new bridge, checking for fit, aesthetics and comfort. We’ll make sure it feels just right before permanently cementing it in place.


Follow-up – Once your bridge is in place, we’ll provide you with all the necessary care instructions. Brushing twice a day, flossing, and regular dental check-ups are key to keeping your bridge,  and your entire mouth,  healthy and happy.

The Smile Stories approach to dental bridge treatment

We don’t just fix teeth, we create smile stories that give each and every one of our clients the confidence to eat and smile without worry. Our experienced dental team will conduct a thorough evaluation of your oral health, including an assessment of your teeth, gums, and overall dental condition and recommend what is best suited to you.

Here’s what you can expect during your dental bridge treatment journey with us:


Customised treatment plan – Based on our evaluation, we’ll develop a personalised treatment plan that has been meticulously designed for your specific needs and goals. 


State-of-the-art facilities – At Smile Stories, we only use the latest dental technology and techniques for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and top results for our patients. Our dental practice is equipped with advanced equipment to enhance your comfort and convenience throughout your visit. We use high-powered DSLR imagery to perfectly match the colour of the bridge to your natural teeth.


Comfort and convenience – We strive to make your dental visits as comfortable and stress-free as possible. From our welcoming dental practice environment to our gentle approach to dental care, your comfort is our priority. Just sit back and watch friends on the ceiling.


Ongoing care & maintenance – Once your sensitive teeth are under control, we’ll work with you to develop a long-term maintenance plan to keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent future issues. This may include regular dental check ins and ongoing monitoring of your oral health.

Meet our team

Dental bridge FAQs

Which areas of Bournemouth do you offer dental bridge treatment?

Our dental clinic is based on Winton highstreet, but we offer private dental bridge treatment to the whole of Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and Dorset. We’re always happy to offer an initial telephone or video call consultation to better understand your concerns before you come and visit us.

How much does dental bridge treatment cost?

The cost for dental bridge treatment will vary depending on the number of missing teeth you have and level of treatment required. A full breakdown of costs will be explained before any treatment is completed, and we have payment options available to help spread the cost.

Are dental bridges noticeable?

Not at all! Our dental bridges are designed to blend seamlessly with your natural teeth. We use high-quality materials that match the colour and texture of your existing teeth, making the bridge virtually invisible. 

How long do dental bridges last?

With the right care and maintenance, dental bridges can last between 5 to 20+ years, and sometimes even longer. But, regular dental check-ups and keeping your oral hygiene practices in check is essential for the longevity of your bridge.

Can I eat normally with a dental bridge?

Yes, once your dental bridge is in place and you’ve adjusted to it, you can eat normally. In fact, having a dental bridge can improve your ability to chew food more effectively than when you had a gap in your teeth. 

How should I look after my dental bridge?

Looking after your dental bridge is just about maintaining good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings. We also suggest that you avoid chewing on hard foods and objects to prevent damage to your bridge.

Eat and smile with confidence again

Whether you’re dealing with missing teeth or just looking to enhance your smile, our team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional dental care in a warm and welcoming environment.

We are the leading dental bridge dentist serving Bournemouth, Poole, and the wider Dorset area, dedicated to delivering exceptional dental care that gives you the smile you’ve dreamed of. 

Don’t let missing teeth hold you back any longer. Take the first step towards a brighter, more confident smile with dental bridges from Smile Stories.

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