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Do you cover your mouth in photos? Or are you struggling to eat food with your missing teeth?

You deserve a smile that makes you feel confident and dentures can give you the means to smile, laugh, talk and eat again. 

Missing teeth can be replaced with a set of complete or partial dentures, removable plates that fill gaps in your smile. Our cosmetic dentists at Smile Stories in Bournemouth create bespoke lifelike dentures that will fit comfortably and allow you to eat and smile with complete confidence. 

Dentures are the most affordable option for missing teeth, and are even more affordable with our 0%  interest-free payment plans.

Jayne Evans

"My Smile journey has been nothing but amazing. Everyone at the practice is so lovely and friendly and it has made the experience very reassuring. The idea of having an amazing smile always seemed out of reach due to me being a very nervous dentistry patient, but I have been very well looked after at all my appointments and all the correspondence inbetween. Thank you everyone for being a great team. It truly is down to each individual person bringing all the patient care together to the whole experience."

Private Dentures Bournemouth

Smile Stories offer bespoke dentures and work with only the best denturists in the business.


Smile Stories Lifelike Dentures

How can dentures help you?

  • Eating – Start soft and slow but you’ll be chomping on your favourite steaks in no time. Your dentures will suction fit into your mouth and be balanced in your bite allowing you to eat no problem at all.
  • Speech – Talking depends on the relationship between your teeth and your tongue. Filling spaces in your mouth will stop annoying whistling and lisping.
  • Smiling – Smile Stories dentures in Bournemouth completely lifelike. The devil is in the detail and we only partner with the finest denturists in the UK to ensure teeth look like teeth and gums look exactly gums. Nobody will ever know your dentures are not your teeth.
Ask us a question

Our friendly team of Client Care Coordinators are here to help.

If you have rocking dentures or are struggling to eat or smile then give them a shout and they’ll do their best to help you.

Dentures in Bournemouth

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to straightening teeth using Invisalign. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile, give us a call, fill in our contact form or pop into our dental practice in Bournemouth:


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Phone: 01202 513292


Take the first step towards Total Mouth Health

Getting your dream smile couldn’t be easier. Don’t be shy! Send us six photos of your smile, and our team will put together your very own bespoke Total Health Report, showing how we can reach your smile goals. 

Why Smile Stories?

We’ll show you, step by step, how to get smiling, eating and talking again without taking up your time or money with a dental appointment. It couldn’t be easier!

Start loving your smile with Smile Stories.


Which areas of Bournemouth do you offer denture treatment?

We offer denture treatment throughout the whole of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Our clients visit us from Moordown, Charminster, Southbourne, Sandbanks, Boscombe, Canford Heath, Littledown, Westbourne, Branksome, West Howe, Muscliff, Northbourne and throughout the rest of Bournemouth to visit our dental clinic based in Winton.

What are the steps involved in making dentures?

After your initial consultation dentures normally take 4-6 weeks to create. There’s an awful lot that goes into the process to ensure they fit as snug as possible, and give your desired aesthetic outcome.

The general flow looks something like this:

  1. First impressions using generic trays, used to make special trays.
  2. Second impressions with special trays, to get them as accurate as possible.
  3. Test drive try in to ensure w’re happy with the appearance and fit
  4. Fit and adjust
  5. Review to ensure they’re fitting exactly as we planned.

Can Implants help with my dentures?

That’s exactly what they do. If your denture is loose, dropping or moving then dental implants can be inserted to either stabilise the denture you have or as part of a new denture.

Next time you’re at your favourite restaurant you’ll be able to choose anything on the menu without needing horrid denture fixative glues.

Do dentures have to be worn 24 hours a day?

Your dentist will explain all of this at the start to ensure you’re happy to have dentures but here’s a little information to help:

Normally, we’d advise you to wear your dentures as much as possible at the start while your mouth gets used to them and you develop muscle control to make both chewing and speech easier. Wearing new dentures is a bit like wearing new shoes. They feel weird at first but you get used to them quickly.

Importantly, you don’t ever sleep in your dentures. Your mouth needs a rest and you can get infections growing under them.


Do dentures hurt?

Dentures are bespoke to your mouth, and the team at Smile Stories will take several sets of impressions to ensure they fit as accurately and comfortably as possible.

Adjustments are normal after they’re made. Once they’ve been moulded perfectly to your mouth you’ll hardly realise your dentures are in your mouth.

How do I clean my dentures?

One of the easiest ways to clean your dentures is using soapy water and a toothbrush. You can also buy denture cleaners like Steradent to stop grime build up.

Do not use abrasive toothpastes as they’ll wear down the acrylic, and whatever you do, avoid Milton and bleach or your gums will look as white as your teeth. Not a good look!

Should dentures be worn at night?

We’d normally recommend removing your dentures at night. Your gums and teeth need a break, and having the night off allows them to rest and recuperate.  It also allows better cleaning and stops infections and growths under your dentures, leading to bad breath and inflammation.

What are the alternatives to dentures?

Dentures may not be right for you. Your anatomy and your goals may not align and they can be difficult to wear on the rare occasion.

If you’re not suitable for dentures, then bridges or dental implants may be a better route forward.

As part of your consultation, we’ll have a good chat and ensure that you and your future dentures will be a good fir for each other.