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Does Private Healthcare Cover Dentists?

Private healthcare, particularly private healthcare in the UK, is a comprehensive umbrella that often prompts questions about what it actually covers, especially when it comes to dental care. In general, most health insurers don’t cover dental treatment as part of their standard product, but they will usually offer an optional extra that covers these costs. Dental cover is in most cases a bolt-on benefit, this means that it does not impact your core insurance policy but instead is more like a separate health plan. So does private healthcare cover dentists?

does private healthcare cover dentists

Understanding private healthcare

Private healthcare in the UK is designed to offer an alternative to the National Health Service (NHS), providing more options when it comes to faster access to medical services, enhanced facilities, and care on a much more personal level. It typically covers a wide range of medical treatments and procedures, from consultations and diagnostics to any surgery that is required as well as ongoing care.

Does private healthcare cover dentists?

While private healthcare is extensive, dental care is often not included as part of the general product. Basic dental services, such as routine check-ups and hygienist visits, are typically not covered by standard private health insurance plans, however, these services are addressed through NHS dentistry or private dental practices.

Smile Stories: Bridging the gap in dental coverage

At Smile Stories, we recognise that private healthcare is sometimes a bit confusing, and while routine dental services may not be part of standard private health insurance, Smile Stories is a private dentist that offers a range of services designed to complement your overall healthcare plan.

Our comprehensive dental services

Preventive care

We believe prevention is key, so routine Health Checks, Professional Hygiene Visits, and preventive treatments are fundamental components of our dental services. While they may not be covered by standard private health insurance, Smile Stories offers affordable options through the Smile Stories Membership to keep your oral health on track. 

Bespoke treatments

We offer a whole range of general and cosmetic dental treatments and will always plan everything with you, completely explaining each step. Whether you have a loose tooth, bleeding gums, discolouration, cavities, missing or crooked teeth, we can help you achieve a smile you want to show off to the world. These services may not fall under standard health insurance but are crucial for individuals seeking comprehensive dental care, and the good news is, we have payment plans available…

Smile Stories Easy Payment Plans

We understand that financial considerations can impact access to quality dental care. That’s why we offer interest-free payment plans, allowing you to manage the costs of your dental treatments without the need for immediate upfront payment.

See if you’re eligible for an interest-free loan to cover the cost of your dental care

Private healthcare and dental emergency coverage

While routine dental care may not be a primary focus of private health insurance, coverage for dental emergencies is sometimes included. Dental emergencies, such as sudden toothaches, injuries, or infections, may be covered by private health insurance plans, but we advise that you review the terms and conditions of your specific insurance policy to understand the extent of emergency dental coverage.

Understanding private healthcare for dental services

Review your policy

If you have private health insurance, carefully review your policy to understand the extent of coverage for dental services. Be aware of any exclusions or limitations related to routine dental care.

Consider additional dental coverage

Some private health insurance plans offer optional dental coverage as an add-on. Explore these options if you are looking for more comprehensive coverage for routine dental services.

Smile Stories: your partner in comprehensive dental care

At Smile Stories, we believe that a healthy smile contributes to overall well-being. While routine dental care may not fall under the umbrella of standard private health insurance, our private dental practice is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable options for all your dental needs.

If you have any questions about private healthcare coverage for dental services or if you’re ready to embark on your smile journey with Smile Stories, contact us today. 

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