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How do Private Dentists Work?

Private dental practices offer a unique approach to oral health care, emphasising personalised service and the comfort of clients. But, here at Smile Stories, we believe we go one step further in offering the ultimate level of care for each and every one of our clients. Our philosophy revolves around understanding each client’s unique journey and creating a comfortable, judgement-free environment.


how do private dentists work

The Smile Stories difference 

The world of dentistry can often be daunting, especially if past experiences have left you with reservations. At Smile Stories, we understand the concerns many people have about their dental journeys, however, our approach is absolutely free from judgement or blame, we are here to help you craft your own unique smile story. Our focus is creating an environment where you feel at home – we acknowledge that dental visits can be anxiety-inducing, so we go above and beyond to minimise those fears. From the moment you step into our practice, we make it a point to know you and your story personally. We strive to make you feel like a part of our extended family, ensuring that you’ll look forward to every visit.

Personalised approach

Unlike traditional dental experiences, Smile Stories embraces a personalised approach and that’s what sets us aside from NHS dentists or other standard private dentists. We understand that each individual is unique, and so are dental needs so we take the time to listen and understand your concerns, tailoring our services to address them effectively. This commitment to personalisation goes beyond the treatment room; we’re with you every step of the way, not just during your appointment but also for the long term.

Lifetime smile confidence

At Smile Stories, we don’t just focus on the immediate outcome; we are committed to ensuring a lifetime of smile confidence – something no NHS dentist has the time or resources to offer. Every member of our team invests their heart and soul into making sure your smile is not only the finest accessory you own but also one that is maintained for years to come. We call it ‘Lifetime Smile Confidence’ for a reason – it encapsulates our dedication to your ongoing oral health and satisfaction.

The journey to your smile story – how do private dentists work?

A warm welcome

From the moment you walk through our doors (or reach out to us online), you’ll be greeted with warmth and hospitality. Our friendly team is dedicated to making you feel comfortable and at ease.

Comprehensive consultation

We believe in thorough consultations to understand your dental history, concerns, and aspirations. We offer a free consultation (either at our clinic or online) to provide you with a confident smile report to help form the foundation of your personalised treatment plan that suits your unique needs.

From digital X-rays to advanced imaging technology, Smile Stories utilises state-of-the-art tools for a precise and detailed assessment of your mouth.

Modern dental technologies

Unlike many NHS or standard private dentists, Smile Stories embraces state-of-the-art dental technologies to ensure efficient and comfortable treatments. Our commitment to staying updated on the latest advancements is vital to our dedication to your well-being.

A holistic approach

Our approach to dentistry goes beyond the treatment itself. We consider your overall well-being, providing guidance on preventive measures and lifestyle choices that contribute to a healthier, happier smile.

Whether it’s preventive care, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative procedures, the treatment plan is carefully curated to achieve optimal results. We prioritise communication, ensuring that each one of our clients is actively involved in decision-making along the journey.

Looking forward

The Smile Stories commitment doesn’t end when you leave the dental chair. Post-treatment support is an integral part of our service. Whether it’s addressing concerns, providing guidance on at-home oral care, or scheduling routine check-ups, we are there for you in the long term. As you embark on your dental journey, we want you to look back and consider it the best decision you’ve ever made for your oral health. Our commitment is not just to fix immediate concerns but to join you on a journey towards a lifetime of confidence in your smile.

Although some private dentists claim to represent something different from traditional dentists, we believe there is much more to it than offering a few more treatment options or being able to squeeze you in for an evening appointment. It is a holistic and comprehensive approach that recognises the individuality of each client that makes us stand out as a positive, judgement-free dental practice in Bournemouth. Smile Stories is not just about fixing teeth; it’s about creating a lifelong partnership focused on maintaining your smile and boosting your confidence. Choosing Smile Stories is not just a dental decision; it’s an investment in a positive and enduring Smile Story that you can cherish for a lifetime.

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