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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

When you feel ready to transform your smile, the first difficulty is finding cosmetic dental services you can trust. It is easy to be so excited after deciding to have a smile makeover that you go to whichever local cosmetic dentist you find on Google. Look for dentists with Instagram or Facebook pages, there should be patient reviews and before and after photos of work they have done for previous patients. There are also questions you should ask before choosing a cosmetic dentist. The last thing you want is the inconvenience and disappointment of needing to have work redone because you’re not happy with the results.

Often, this happens when composite bonding feels uncomfortable or breaks, your teeth don’t look natural, or just don’t look how you expected. This is why it’s essential to know the eight key things to check to find a cosmetic dentist that delivers dental treatment that makes you want to smile.

Read this guide to find out how to choose the best cosmetic dentist services with highly-trained Bournemouth cosmetic dentists, that will give you a smile that makes you want to take on the world. 

How to Begin

  1. Credentials

The General Dental Council (GDC) registers all UK dentists and has a searchable database. You can also check the dentist’s website; some cosmetic dentist services will display GDC registration numbers for each cosmetic dentist on their website, making it even easier to check the GDC register. You should also ask where your cosmetic dentist trained, if they have completed any recent training and what professional associations they belong to, such as the British Dental Association (BDA).

  1. Experience

Adjacent to completing recognised cosmetic dentistry training, experience in cosmetic dentistry is imperative. Ask what percentage of patients have received the aesthetic dental treatments you are considering. Expertise in restorative and cosmetic dental procedures is often the biggest factor determining an optimum outcome.

  1. Advanced technology

Aesthetic dentistry is always improving, and cosmetic and restorative dental technology is constantly advancing. The technology used can significantly impact the results of cosmetic dental procedures. The top cosmetic dentists use cutting-edge tech, such as Invisalign teeth straightening and 3D CT imaging and digital x-ray technology, to accurately diagnose dental issues and provide the latest innovative dentistry procedures.

Next Steps

  1. Communication

During cosmetic dental treatment, you are bound to have questions or concerns. Check when the dental practice is open, if they offer a 24-hour emergency contact number and if there are any other ways you can reach them, such as WhatsApp or video calls.

  1. Reviews

When you need to find a good electrician, you check reviews. Finding good cosmetic dentist services is no different. Google reviews are a great place to start. Look for a reasonable number of reviews and check how recent they are and what treatments have been done. Reviews are one of the easiest ways to discover the level of patient satisfaction following dental treatment. 

  1. Referrals

Speaking to previous patients is a sure way to feel at ease when selecting an aesthetic dentist for cosmetic dentistry. The dentist can put you in touch with recent patients or you can look at their website, which will often feature patients’ stories and before and after photographs.

  1. Social Media

Following an Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook page will give you access to recent patient photos and videos, allow you to ask questions and get a real feel for the dental practice and the team. And don’t forget to check if they have a YouTube channel, which will often feature more in-depth patient stories.

Final Step

  1. Initial Consultation

Ask exactly what is involved during your initial consultation. You should be provided with a dental plan that clearly outlines your treatment sequence and all of the fees involved. The plan should also include a timescale to give you an accurate idea of how long your total smile makeover will take to complete.

  1. Guarantees

When a cosmetic dentist is confident in their treatments, they will always offer a guarantee for the treatment you have received. Guarantees should be a minimum of a year, to maintain results and fix any issues without charge and without exception, and provided in writing.

  1. Finance Options

It can be difficult not to prioritise your choice of cosmetic dentists based on their fees. Yet poor results will not only cause distress and cost you more in the long run, but you may end up with permanent damage. This is why most highly trained and experienced dentists provide finance options, with some even offering 0% finance for one to two years. If you are worried about how to afford cosmetic dentistry, you might be surprised by how affordable it is to spread out your payments.


Whether you have been bothered by your teeth for years or have recent concerns, cosmetic dentistry has a solution for almost every issue. Invisible teeth straightening, safe, professional teeth whitening, and broken teeth repaired without veneers are all possible with the latest technology and advancements in cosmetic dentist services. Choose the right cosmetic dentist, and you can have smile confidence for years to come.

Don’t let cost stop you from getting the smile you have always wanted. Try our free video consultation at Smile Stories, and ask about our 0% interest-free payment plans. 


Dr Gareth Edwards BDS (Hons) MFDS RCPS (Glasg) is a dentist who qualified with honours. Based in the Poole and Bournemouth area, he has a keen interest in teeth straightening and aesthetic dentistry and is a certified Invisalign provider.

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