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Is a veneer different from a crown?

A veneer is different from a crown. Both can dramatically improve the overall look of your teeth by changing the colour and shape. They are made from the same material and both adhere to the underlying structure of the teeth. But a crown fits over the entire tooth down to the gums, whereas a veneer will only cover the front of the tooth’s surface.

Veneers in Bournemouth, at Smile Stories, are a cosmetic dental procedure designed to cover small surface imperfections in otherwise healthy teeth. We often recommend crowns if you’ve lost a lot of tooth structure because of decay, age, trauma, or because you grind your teeth.


For a crown to fit properly, our dentists must remove more of the tooth’s exterior enamel. Once in place, however, a crown will help strengthen the tooth underneath and restore its proper function. Crowns can also be a good choice for back teeth that have structural issues. This is because crowns are stronger under the greater biting force between your molars.

Do veneers last long?

Veneers at Smile Stories are designed to be a long-lasting option for enhancing the beauty of your teeth. How long your particular veneers last will depend on if they are looked after correctly and your lifestyle choices, but barring any accidents to your teeth, they could last for decades.

How do I care for veneers correctly?

You can care for your veneers just as you would your natural teeth: by brushing and flossing them daily. Even so, as tough as veneers can be, you will also need to be careful with certain hard foods, such as toffees, and tasks, such as opening packages with your veneer-covered teeth. If you have an underlying issue, such as tooth clenching or grinding, your dentist may also advise you to wear a custom-made nightguard to protect your veneers while you sleep, to increase their longevity.

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