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Craig’s white wedding-ready smile

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Craig's Concerns and Goals

Craig popped the question…

And all he could think about was “there’s going be pictures, there’s going to be people!”

He’d forced himself to accept his smile over the years, and learned to hide his teeth in photographs. But the chipped and jagged edges had started to get him down. The white patches looked more noticeable over time too.

It’s all about those wedding smile goals

With his wedding on the horizon in around 7 months, that day was obviously his Priority #1. He always thought of any further progress to lifetime smile confidence as a bonus.

Craig quickly became a part of the Smile Stories family (especially with his custom trainer suggestions!) and we always knew we wanted the icing on the cake for him!

Jagged chipped teeth white patches
Craig after Invisalign and Composite Bonding

The Plan



Invisalign clear aligners to straighten Craig's teeth, but not interrupt his life

Brighten Whiten Teeth Icon Boutique


Professional Teeth Whitening

Contour Teeth Finesse Result


Hand-sculpted Composite Bonding to make his smile POP!

So what’s going on here?

Craig’s over-crowded. You can see the teeth are biting in the wrong places and have turned in all directions because his back teeth had begun leaning inwards over time. The space became narrower and narrower.

This has led to teeth chipping and breaking where his bite wasn’t right. (And he told us the lip stud he used to wear didn’t help either!)



We planned his smile together

We digitally plan every Invisalign smile, and can show you the result before we even start. Zero guesswork. Zero surprises.

We even knew how Craig’s smile would look by his wedding day, which meant he could be realistic that there was more to do afterwards. But shhhh, nobody needed to know that! It solved his goals perfectly.

We used our signature Smile Stories sequence. A is for Alignment, B is to Brighten, and C is Contouring with Composite Bonding. This not only improves the harmony of his smile, but repaired his broken teeth and masked the white patches on his front teeth. Winning!



The Result


months wedding day
deadline: no sweat!


months total, for
a lifetime result


months 0% interest option
to spread the cost


incredible wedding
photos (and counting)

Photo of Craig's teeth before from the side
Craig after Invisalign and Composite Bonding

"I was like, WOW - that is it!"

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