Helena and her small teeth

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Helena's Concerns and Goals

Smile confidence is important

Helena’s an absolute beauty, we think you’ll agree?

Although she’s done a lot of modelling, her teeth had been something that bothered her for some time. Due to grinding they were worn down and chipped, and she was becoming increasingly unhappy with the appearance.

Her goal

To be able to beam confidently in photographs with a white, bright Hollywood smile.

Helena wanted the edges of her teeth to line up and be more square in appearance, and that’s exactly what we delivered for her.

Photo of Helena's teeth before bonding
Photo of Helena's teeth after bonding

The Plan

What we can see

  • Front 6 teeth look chipped on the edges
  • They’re all leaning backwards and not straight
  • They look small in proportion to her beautifully shaped lips



We trial smile

This means a test-drive your results for Composite Bonding.

It starts with a carefully planned digital design which we then print into a 3D model that we try in your mouth. Once you’ve worn your new smile, taken photographs, see how it looks when you talk, we can then make adjustments before moving onto to the final design.

You’re involved every step of the way to make sure your smile goals come to life.


Helena's Plan

The Result


weeks of
Boutique Whitening


sculpted, contoured and polished
composite veneers


teeth edge-


ecstatic Helena and
her new killer smile

After bonding

And here's a few things Helena had to say

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