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Kev and his worn down front teeth

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Kev's Concerns and Goals

We plan for lifetime smile confidence

Not every client comes to see us because of cosmetic concerns.

Kev’s bite was very tight. Normally, your top teeth would bite in front of your bottom teeth, but not in his case. This led to the front teeth prematurely wearing, chipping and becoming increasingly smaller. Being edge-to-edge when biting puts anyone at risk of heavy wear. 

His smile goals

The goal was to restore his front teeth to their former glory.

Repair the premature wear, brighten them and then give Kev a ‘normal’ bite to protect his teeth for the rest of his life. And ultimately, get him smiling confidently again!  

Photo of worn teeth

The Plan

We needed an incredible result that lasted.

To do this required some careful planning with Kev, which is an important starting point for any Smile Story. He wanted an age-appropriate natural smile that he was going to enjoy for years to come. Here’s how we achieved this…


We first used clear aligners to straighten Kev’s front teeth and correct his traumatic bite which led to the worn teeth.


We then used professional teeth whitening to brighten the smile and rolled back years of day-to-day use.


We placed hand-crafted porcelain veneers onto the 3 worn upper teeth to seamlessly blend into the natural look of Kev’s smile. Winning!


Close up photo of teeth after
close up photo of teeth
Invisalign Bournemouth Kev's before
Invisalign Smiling photo afterwards

The Result


natural looking
white teeth


weeks of


hand-crafted porcelain


man with lifetime
smile confidence

facial photo of Kev
photo of Kevin smiling after treatment

Here's what Kev had to say

Free Video Consultation

Your path to Lifetime Smile Confidence is just a few clicks away.

All you need to do is send us 6 simple photos of your smile.  Our Aesthetic Dentists will analyse these and send a bespoke Confident Smile Report advising you of your options to achieve your smile goals. From there you can book in for a complimentary Video Consultation with one of our Invisalign dentists.

Why is this beneficial?

You’ll get an idea of what’s possible to get you smiling confidently without giving up your time or money at a dental appointment. It’s completely risk-free!

You’ll come away with an easy to read action plan, and an estimate of costs and a timescale to create your beautiful new smile.

Sound good?