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Lindsey and her tired veneers

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Lindsey's Concerns and Goals

Your back-story matters to us

Lindsey fell over as a child and hit her front teeth on a step. Ouch!

One thing led to another and porcelain veneers were placed on her front two teeth to help rebuild them. The problem is… they weren’t the right shape or colour.

When the rest of your teeth are beautifully bright, you don’t want mismatching veneers to ruin it.

Her goal

To have a confident, bright and natural smile that she can enjoy every day.

photo of Linsey's teeth before
Photo of Lindseys teeth after

The Plan

What we can see

  • Porcelain veneers are dark and short
  • Right and left canine teeth aren’t symmetrical
  • Second teeth are disproportionally shorter than the front ones
  • Her Smile Curve is upside down



We trial smile

At Smile Stories we want you to be involved in your treatment. After all, you’ll be smiling for life with your new teeth.

This is why we digitally design our smiles and copy these exactly into your mouth.

You’re in control… always.


Digital plan of Lindsey teeth
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Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth brightening

Veneers Porcelain Ceramic Shape Teeth Symmetry

Porcelain Veneers

The gold standard of dental aesthetics

Contour Teeth Finesse Result

Composite Bonding

Hand-sculpted composite added to the edges of 3 teeth

The Result


bright white


carefully edge
bonded teeth


porcelain veneers


symmetrical and natural
smile for a lovely Lindsey

close up photo of Lindsey's veneers
close up photo of Lindsey's veneers

Here's what she had to say

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