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Maria and her overlapping front teeth

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Maria's Concerns and Goals

We listen

For years Maria had been uncomfortable smiling in photos. It had always been something on her mind, but never found straightening solutions affordable until now.

Her main concerns were the overlapping teeth that you could see at the front of her mouth, what we call the ‘talking 10’. These are the teeth in view when she smiles, laughs and talks.

Her goal

The goal was to align these front teeth only, which in turn meant less treatment time and therefore less cost.

Photo of marias teeth before Invisalign and whitening
Photo of Maria's teeth after finishing Invisalign and Whitening

The Plan

We Co-Designed

The power is in your hands. Although we’ll be here to expertly guide you, we believe in including you every step of the way.

We show you your final result before you even start, and then adjust the plan with your input.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and we won’t start anything until you’re 100% happy with the final outcome.

For Maria, we used Invisalign aligners to straighten the 10 front teeth. You can see how we’ve designed the plan to correct those overlapping front teeth. We’ve also straightened the bottom teeth out and improved her overbite.



A sequence of precisely fitting aligners to gently straighten her teeth

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Professional Dentist-only Brightening

The Result


aligners changed
every week


ultra white


super happy


front teeth

Maria's teeth before
Maria's teeth after

And here’s what she had to say about her life-changing smile

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Why is this beneficial?

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