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Naomi and her crowded mouth

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Naomi's "Why"

Closed-mouth half-smiling for her whole life (so far)

Naomi felt that her crooked and overlapping teeth were always noticeable when talking or in candid photos. It made her feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

She’d pull that classic closed-mouth smirk, rather and a true uninhibited grin.

She couldn’t always fully express herself in front of new people, and it was getting her down.


Goals Goals Goals

  • To never have to hide her smile again
  • To avoid years of fixed train-track braces
  • To not feel even more judged or self-conscious about things than she did already
  • To understand her options in English not “all the technicalities and jargon”
Photo of Naomi before
Photo of Naomi after

The Plan



Invisalign discreet aligners to straighten things out

Brighten Whiten Teeth Icon Boutique


Professional Whitening guaranteed to brighten

Contour Teeth Finesse Result


Hand-sculpted Composite Bonding

“My friend said ‘it’s just so nice to see you being really smiley!’ … you don’t even realise you’re hiding your smile after a while”


Smiling Happy Bournemouth Dentist Teeth Straightening Whitening

The Result


painless 3D impression scans


gag-inducing goopy mouth moulds


super-convenient visits inc evenings & weekends


pearly white teeth to wear with pride

Photo of Naomi from the right

How did meeting new people make Naomi feel?

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