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Teeth Whitening Bournemouth

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Do you love red wine or coffee? Have all those black coffees left you feeling self-conscious about your dull or discoloured teeth? Now is the time to make a change and start your smile transformation with Smile Stories.

Get in touch with our cosmetic dentists and find out more about our professional teeth whitening in Bournemouth.

teeth whitening bournemouth

Have you always wanted to whiten your teeth but are worried the price tag won’t justify the result? We get it. We’ve seen that some dentists in Bournemouth charge over £590 for just teeth whitening, and it’s difficult to justify buying a result that you can’t see. 

That’s why we’ve created “Whitening Wednesdays”, halving the price of professional teeth whitening compared to most other clinics in Bournemouth, Poole, and Dorset. We also have a little trick up our sleeve that we’ve added to our package, making it the best teeth whitening package in the world (probably!)

Professional teeth whitening at Smile Stories is a great way to get that lifetime smile confidence that you have always wanted. Our teeth whitening in Bournemouth is a quick and simple process that will leave you literally gleaming.

Our Teeth Whitening Package

Now bear with me, but let’s talk about washing your car. What do you need to clean it? Soap, sponge, hose, wax and a shammy? You can’t just whip out the wax and a shammy and start polishing because there’s dirt all over it. You’ll only spread it around. First, you need to grab the sponge and hose and clean off the visible debris. Only when the stains are removed can you start waxing and shining. 

Here at Smile Stories, our team of cosmetic dentists have been carrying out teeth whitening in Bournemouth for long enough to know how to get the best whitening results. 

Claim Your Whitening Wednesday Slot

Claim one of our limited Wednesday appointments for the most comprehensive teeth whitening package in Bournemouth and Poole. 

You’ll receive hygienist stain removal plus half price on our professional teeth whitening. 

All you need to do is click Claim Appointment, fill out the form, and our client care coordinator will reserve one of the limited spaces for you.


Teeth Whitening — the Smile Stories Way

Step 1 — Remove the Grubby Bits

Let’s start with the sponge down and hose.  

It’s time to remove stains on the outside of your teeth. You know, those annoying brown marks that build up and are impossible to remove with your toothbrush? 

Superficial stains on your teeth are removed professionally by hygienists. Visible marks are gently removed to leave the surface shiny and smooth and ready for brightening.

This part of the teeth whitening process is done in a single visit. Once we’ve removed all those stubborn stains from your teeth, you are ready to move to step two of this smile transformation.

Invisalign [Harriette in Bournemouth]

Step 2 – Professional Teeth Whitening

It’s time to stick on your sunglasses because we’re turning up that brightness dial. 

Using the most effective teeth whitening solutions hand-picked by our cosmetic dentists,  we’ll safely and gently brighten your teeth from the inside out. 

If your teeth are dark or yellow, they sure won’t be for much longer.

Teeth Whitening in Bournemouth, Dorset

When it comes to teeth whitening treatment, our team has mastered the winning combination to get results every time. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile, give us a call, fill in our contact form or pop into our dental practice located right in the heart of Bournemouth.


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Teeth Whitening Wednesdays

Here at Smile Stories, our treatments range from Invisalign, composite bonding, implants, teeth whitening to silver filling replacement. And every Wednesday, we offer our professional teeth whitening services at an unbeatable price. 

Claim your comprehensive teeth whitening package in Bournemouth and Poole with Smile Stories’ teeth Whitening Wednesdays. 

Start with your very own hygienist teeth stain removal and get half-price off our professional teeth whitening service. 

All you need to do is claim your appointment below, fill out the form, and our client care coordinator will reserve you a space.


Our Smile Stories

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Meet Your Teeth Whitening Dentists in Bournemouth

Tash Teeth Whitening Poole
Tash - Hygienist
Harriette Teeth Whitening Bournemouth
Harriette - Hygienist

As soon as you get in touch with our team, you will see that we are different from your usual dentists. We’re normal, down-to-earth people just like you, and we love nothing more than offering a modern cosmetic dentistry experience.

Tash and Harriette are two of our superstar hygienists ready to help you along your smile journey. Find out more about our team and see how we have helped previous clients through their own smile stories

Teeth Whitening Bournemouth FAQs

How long does teeth whitening last?

It’s like asking a personal trainer to help you get abs and then asking them how long you’ll keep them. A trainer can only do their bit to help — maintaining the results is up to you. So, how long your teeth whitening lasts depends on what you put in your mouth. 

Professional teeth whitening results can last for many years. But If you’re drinking black coffee, eating curry, and smoking, your teeth will obviously darken more quickly. 

The good news is that with a yearly cost-effective top-up, it’s easy to maintain your pearly whites.

Find out more here.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Tooth whitening is one of the safest, easiest, and most cost-effective solutions to lighten and brighten your smile. Our Experts are dentists and will do thorough checks to ensure you’re suitable for treatment. Adverse reactions to gently whitening are almost unheard of.

Can’t I get my teeth whitened at a beauty salon?

For safe, gentle, effective results, it’s best to see a dentist. In the UK, only dental professionals can whiten teeth with solutions that are clinically proven to work. 

Your local salon may offer whitening, but they can’t legally use the real deal.

How long does teeth whitening take?

It is essential to understand that the amount of whitening necessary depends on how dark the teeth start and the amount of staining on the teeth. Professional teeth whitening is generally a gradual, gentle procedure, typically taking three to four weeks.

How long does teeth whitening gel last in the fridge?

We always recommend you store your teeth whitening solutions in the fridge. This is because the active ingredients (the bit that makes your teeth lighten) inside the tubes lasts longer when kept cooler. 

There’ll be expiration dates on the gels, which is generally the time the solution stops working.

Can’t I use whitening toothpaste to brighten my smile?

You can, but the difference it’ll make is negligible. The way whitening toothpaste works is that it’s more abrasive than conventional toothpaste. It’ll lighten minor stains, but it won’t remove tartar or heavy staining and certainly won’t lighten your teeth.

Can teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Sensitivity can happen, but we have given you tricks and tips to minimise it as much as possible. It’s mildly annoying, but it won’t cause any long-term problems whatsoever. If you have sensitive teeth, we can use more gentle solutions to get you the same great results.

Can teeth whitening cause receding gums?

If you get your teeth whitened by a dentist, it’s extremely unlikely the solutions will make your gums recede. In fact, next to no chance whatsoever. 

Why? We’ll make a bespoke tray designed only to fit you, so we know that solutions won’t leak out all over your gums. We’ll also do a full gum assessment before we start, pick the best solutions for your situation, demonstrate how to use them safely and always be on the end of a phone to help. 

No beauty salon horror stories here.

How to clean teeth whitening trays

Teeth whitening trays need to be looked after, or they can collect dirt and grime. Find out how to clean them in this article.

Why do you need Professional Whitening?

You have options. You can get your teeth whitened by a Dental Professional or by Jane, who’ll do it when she cuts your hair. I haven’t asked my baker to fix my car yet. Here’s why you should see a professional.

How can you benefit from whitening at the dentist?

Smile Stories are a cosmetically-focussed dental clinic, so we know a thing or two about making teeth look good. Find out why you should see the dentist for teeth whitening

Don’t Miss Our Teeth Whitening Wednesdays

How would you like to get a hygienist stain removal and half-price on our professional teeth whitening treatment? Here at Smile Stories, we offer a limited number of teeth whitening Wednesday appointments every week, where you get just that. 

Claim your professional teeth whitening appointment today by filling out the form, and our client care coordinator will make the reservation for you.