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The Cost of Invisalign for Top Teeth Only

A lot of people ask about the cost of Invisalign for top teeth only. If you’re one of them then you’ll want to read on.

Often when people smile they only show their top teeth. The obvious logic is if this is the case then what’s the point of straightening both the top and bottom. You’ll never see the bottom teeth anyway, so leave them as they are and save both your time and money.

But it doesn’t quite work that way. You may save a few pounds, but you will be compromising in other ways.

In this article, we’ll look at why the cost of Invisalign on top teeth may not be optimal, both financially and aesthetically.

Comic image illustrating the cost of Invisalign for top teeth only

The financial cost of Invisalign for top teeth only

So, you buy an item from a shop and it costs you £3. Two of those items cost £6.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Invisalign. One arch does not cost half the price of two, and you’ll probably find it’s not even close.


Because you’re still paying for the time as well as the Invisalign product. Your dentist has to see you every 2-4 weeks throughout the course of your Invisalign treatment. They may need to place attachments or do some tooth reduction at these appointments. The time it takes for your dentist to see you for one arch or two arches is almost identical.

If you’re looking for a slightly cheaper price then you may benefit from Invisalign on your top teeth only, but if you’re looking for real value I’d advise you always straighten both arches.

A lot of practices provide interest-free finance for Invisalign treatment, so you pay instalments monthly at no extra cost. The difference monthly between one tooth arch or two is minimal.

Aesthetic Invisalign cost for top teeth only

You must also consider if a financial saving outweighs the end result.

Whenever we do a smile reveal the patient is normally delighted with their top teeth. But this is usually followed by “I wish I did the bottom teeth too.” If you’re paying money out for your dream smile then consider carefully if you’ll be disappointed with a compromise.

If your lower teeth are already straight and you’re absolutely sure you don’t want Invisalign on those then that’s fine.

The final aesthetic concern with Invisalign for top teeth only is longevity. Your teeth meet together like a puzzle and this helps to stop them from drifting. When we finish Invisalign treatment we place a retainer and this stops backwards movement. Because your lower teeth have no retainer and we haven’t positioned them to match the top they can be prone to further unwanted movement.


It’s your decision to opt for Invisalign for your top teeth only or straighten both arches. There may be a slight financial saving to be made by Invisalign for only the top, but when you dig deeper there are important factors to consider other than cost.

You’re making an investment in yourself, so make the right decision.

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Dr. Gareth Edwards BDS qualified as a dentist with honours. Providing Invisalign in the Bournemouth & Poole area, he has a keen interest in orthodontics and is also a certified Six Month Smiles provider.