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Award-Winning Invisalign Experts
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Open Evenings and Weekends
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Spread Over 2 Years 0% Interest
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Friendly & Relaxed Vibes Only
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The Difference

Forget everything you know about the dentist.
That’s not us.

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No weird white coats.
No old-school waiting room.
No fire-breathing dragon receptionists.
No “smells like the dentist”.
And absolutely NO lectures or telling you off. Promise.

We’re normal people, just like you.

Our clients tell us we’re a bit like that long-time friend who you could go months without speaking to, yet when you reconnect it feels like no time has passed.

You know… the one you’re comfortable in your own skin around and you definitely don’t need to dress up to visit! That’s everything we stand for.

Because we take dentistry seriously, but not ourselves.

Oh, and we totally understand how busy life is…

so we offer convenient evening and weekend appointments too.

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Invisalign Modern Teeth Straightening Never Over-formal or Old-fashioned

Never over-formal or old-fashioned

We love changing perceptions of dentistry for the better. So we never judge or blame you for the past.

Smile Stories is more like a relaxing bar or a comfortable cafe. It’s the sort of place where music is playing and you might just catch a team member singing or dancing.

It’s relaxed here. Modern. But real, too.

Nobody is afraid to laugh or stop for a quick chat, because we really know you and your story. We’re pretty sure you’ll instantly feel like “one of us” and look forward to every visit.

You’re in control… always

Although we love the technicalities, we speak in English not jargon. And we promise to include you every step of the way.

Whether you’d like a natural Smile Refresh or a Hollywood Makeover, your Smile Story is your decision, and you’ll co-design it alongside us.

Once designed, we Test Drive.

Just like you wouldn’t trust a new car without trying it first, we do the same. We never put you under pressure to make instant decisions, so we’ll trial it and tweak it until it’s just right. We’ll wait for your green light before we go.

After all, you’ll be wearing it for a lifetime.

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Gareth Edwards Dentist Caring Modern Dentistry

We don’t just ‘fix it and forget’ you

We’re here with you every step of the way, including afterwards for the long term. We call it Lifetime Smile Confidence for a reason.

So you won’t get a big showy reveal and a “bye bye, call us if you have problems”.

We’ll put our heart and soul into making sure your smile is the finest accessory you’ll ever wear, and that it’s maintained for years and decades to come.

We want you to look back on creating your Smile Story and have zero regrets. None. Nada.

We want you to look back on your experience and think this is the best thing you have ever done.

Not just a promise, we guarantee our results

“Nothing in life is guaranteed”. Yep, we know…

Then again, when we’ve been meticulously following the textbook way of doing things for years, we know how to make things last and how our clients need to maintain them.

So it’s only fair that the penalty or cost shouldn’t solely be yours if things need repairing or replacing, right?

We guarantee our results for at least 1 year, and in some cases up to 5 years!

We’re not going anywhere. Nor are your results.

Digital Dentistry 3D Planning Teeth Straightening Guaranteed Results
Digital Smile Design Planning No Surprises Teeth Straightening

‘No Surprise’ dentistry

That feeling of getting stung with a bill you weren’t expecting. We hate that too. So we promise never to catch you with hidden costs. In fact, we don’t do cringey sales pitches either.

It’s zero pressure, that’s our style.

Our treatment packages are transparent and all-inclusive…

and we are proud that our clients can’t wait to tell others about us for exactly that reason!

Recommended, no doubt. I wasn't just another number to them... in fact, I feel like I started as their client and they've become my friends.

Craig, 39, Bournemouth

Free Video Consultation

Your path to Lifetime Smile Confidence is just a few clicks away.

All you need to do is send us 6 simple photos of your smile.  Our Aesthetic Dentists in Bournemouth will analyse these and send a bespoke Confident Smile Report advising you of your options to achieve your smile goals. From there you can book in for a complimentary Video Consultation with one of our Invisalign dentists.

Why is this beneficial?

You’ll get an idea of what’s possible to get you smiling confidently without giving up your time or money at a dental appointment. It’s completely risk-free!

You’ll come away with an easy to read action plan, and an estimate of costs and a timescale to create your beautiful new smile.

Sound good?