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Excessive grinding leads to

Tooth Wear

It’s rarely too late to rebuild worn teeth, but it’s far easier to catch sooner rather than later.

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Do you have tooth wear?

Tooth wear is a slow burner that can creep up on you, and before you know it you’ve lost significant chunks of your teeth, making them look aged way beyond their years.

It’s one of those conditions that would be far less costly and complex to catch early. Leaving tooth wear in your mouth is like leaving a leaky pipe in your house. The damage is only going to get worse, so stop the leak as soon as you see it!

If you have flat teeth, worn or chipped edges or sensitivity it could be a sign of tooth wear.

Not only that,  you may also notice you have tight muscles around your mouth or headaches in the morning.

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What does tooth wear tooth like?

mild tooth wear
Mild tooth wear
moderate tooth wear
Moderate tooth wear
severe tooth wear
Severe tooth wear

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What causes tooth wear?

Chronic tooth grinding is usually the culprit. The technical term is bruxism.

Some people do this when they’re asleep although you’re unlikely to realise. Others pick it up as a daytime habit, often grinding or playing with their teeth as they concentrate or during times of anxiety.

If you’re grinding your teeth in the day, try and consciously stop it! We understand you may have more trouble doing so at night, although it’s been known to instigate a gentle kick from a woken partner.

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Preventing tooth wear

Michigan Splint
Protective Balancing Splint

Protective Balancing Guard – for headaches, tenderness & prevention

And these are a lot more intricate than you might think. 

The clue is in the name, they’re hard and protect your teeth from further damage from grinding.

But importantly, they also balance your bite. Tooth wear can cause an imbalance which puts strain on the muscles and ligaments around your mouth. Imagine holding a squat position all night. This is what your jaw muscles are effectively doing if you’re bruxing all night!

The Protective Balancing Guard gives your muscles a much needed holiday, making everything relax and reduces those morning tension headaches.

Muscle relaxant injections (Botox®) will relax your jaw muscles

If you grind excessively you’ll even notice that your masseter muscles may be overdeveloped. Your cheek and corner of you lower jaw widen and it results in a broader looking, square jawline.

Botox injections stop bruxism by relaxing those strong and overactive jaw muscles. This takes the pressure off and stops you putting excessive forces on your muscles and your teeth.

It’s one of the most cost-effect and simple treatments out there for bruxism, and works a treat.

botox for bruxism
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There’s no need to suffer with the effects of bruxism any longer.

Rebuilding Worn Teeth

Edge Bonding

Adding composite to the edges of teeth is perfect for increasing the size or shape, closing up spaces, fixing chips and lengthening them.

If you carry on bruxing, at least you’ll only wear down the composite and not your natural teeth.

photo of upper uneven teeth before bonding
photo of upper uneven teeth after bonding

Composite Veneers

We bond composite veneers to the whole front surface of your tooth to completely cover what’s underneath.

They can whiten, straighten, close up large spaces, reverse worn-looking teeth and even widen your smile.

severe tooth wear
composite veneers for tooth wear

Rebuilding Worn Teeth

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns

Porcelain is the ultimate in dental aesthetics and will last up to 20 years if you look after it.  It’s far stronger and longer lasting than composite.

If you can find a photo of your unworn teeth then we can use porcelain to restore them to their former glory, reversing years of ageing not only from your teeth, but also your face.

porcelain veneers bournemouth
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