How Veneers Close Small Gaps and Hide Teeth Cracking
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Veneers can close small gaps as well as disguise chips and cracks

Next time you find yourself looking in the mirror and obsessing over the gaps around your teeth, or that one brown stain that has been there for ages, or the tooth that got chipped in an accident, calm down. At Smile Stories we understand how important your teeth are and have treatments on hand to complete your smile and turn it into something that you feel proud of.

bournemouth dental veneers

There are several different treatments available when it comes to changing the appearance of your smile, but getting veneers in Bournemouth can enable you to tackle all sorts of issues in one simple treatment, leaving you with a refreshed, even set of teeth straight away. If you think that having this treatment will boost your confidence and put you back in charge of your smile then it is time to make a consultation appointment at our practice and speak to one of our professionals.

Nobody should have to suffer with a chip in their smile

When you have a chip in your smile it can be incredibly upsetting, especially if it is one of your front teeth and you have become unable to smile without worrying about it. Having veneers in Bournemouth can completely cover any chips that you have and keep any cracked teeth out of sight too.

The treatment process is straightforward, and once you attend your consultation appointment, our dental practitioner will be able to decide whether you need an individual tooth correcting, multiple teeth, or all of them. When you are receiving the treatment, our dental professional will carefully prepare the surface of your tooth before attaching the porcelain to it. Each tooth has its own individual piece of porcelain, which is always thin and unnoticeable to you once attached. The porcelain is made to look and feel like the surface of your natural teeth.

What else could this treatment help you with?

Alongside disguising chips and cracks, getting veneers in Bournemouth will allow you to improve several other aesthetic aspects of your teeth too. If you are having a whole set fitted, then the brightness and whiteness of your teeth is likely to also increase. This can make you seem more youthful and get rid of any discolouration or stains that you were suffering with. Teeth are prone to becoming stained as you get older, and common lifestyle habits, such as drinking tea and smoking, contributes to this.

If you have small gaps between your teeth, but do not want to get braces, this treatment can hide your gaps easily when they are small. This is accomplished by the piece of porcelain that is being fitted onto your tooth being slightly wider than your actual tooth, changing its shape and overall appearance. In some cases, this treatment can be used instead of braces to correct the appearance of slightly crooked teeth, but it does not straighten your actual teeth.

Having the porcelain attached to the surface of your teeth is completely comfortable and you will not even notice that it is there. It will provide your teeth with a little bit of extra protection, and if you take good care of them and attend regular dental check-ups they could potentially last for up to fifteen years.