Pros And Cons of Getting Dental Veneers | Smile Stories

What are the pros and cons of getting dental veneers?

When you are considering veneers in Bournemouth at Smile Stories, your dentist will give you all the information you need. A great dental practitioner will always give you both the benefits and the challenges of any treatment so that you are prepared and can properly weigh up your options.

Veneers are a relatively simple piece of dentistry that can be used to great effect to repair chips or cracks, close gaps in the teeth or be used to hide permanent stains. They are a hard, thin cover that is shaped and placed over the top of any damaged, discoloured or misshapen tooth to make it appear like a perfect one is in its place. They are held in place by a very hard dental cement.

What is great about veneers?

Veneers are durable and very seldom do they get dislodged. They are designed to last many years. They offer a natural-looking solution to minor dental issues that do not require extensive shaping or orthodontics.

When they are used to change the colour of a tooth, the effect is permanent and will not require topping up in the future. Some people choose to have a full set of veneers to give them a uniform, stain resistant smile for this reason.

What are the things you need to consider when getting veneers?

Once veneers are in place, they are permanent and cannot be removed. They are supported by the teeth beneath them and so these need to be in a good state of health. They do not protect the teeth from things like gum disease so you still need to be diligent with your dental hygiene routine.

It is difficult to match the shade of your other teeth precisely although your dental professional at Smile Stories will be able to get very close when you get veneers in Bournemouth at our clinic. Your practitioner will be able to show you pictures of someone who has had veneers so you can see the high degree of match that is possible for yourself.

There are always a number of things to think about whenever you have dental treatments and so we are pleased to offer extensive consultations to anyone considering veneers in Bournemouth at Smile Stories.