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What is Invisalign Express?

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What is the fastest way to straighten teeth? Is it Invisalign Express? It may be a question that has crossed your mind several times, especially if you have been longing for a smile to show off. Smiling makes up a high percentage of our day (well slightly less if you’re a grumpster, but even you still have to crack a smile now and then, right?)  If you are not smile happy it can start to impact you daily and do nothing for your confidence levels. What if we were to tell you you could get your desired smile quickly, without major treatment? Believable? Yes, it is, here at Smile Stories we can do just that. Read on to find out how we can help you smile with pride.

Invisalign is an alignment system with many years of proven success in achieving people’s dream smiles. Smile Stories have helped many patients in realising their desired look using an Invisalign treatment plan and Invisalign Express is our fastest teeth straightening process. So what is Invisalign? Invisalign uses clear aligners to slowly put pressure on your teeth to create movement, leading to straight teeth.

And what is Invisalign Express?

Invisalign Express is used for very mild dental alignment that only requires minimal tooth movement. For example, patients who have used braces in the past and are now experiencing movement or those with minor teeth misalignments or gaps in the teeth. And the bit everyone wants to know, how quickly can my teeth be straightened? The Express route can take as little as 3 months! Yep, 3 months and you could be looking at your reflection and seeing that annoying gap is gone, or that wonky little tooth that’s been bothering you sitting nice and straight. And the best part, Invisalign is hardly noticeable, there are no wires or pieces of metal in sight, just a clear aligner that you place over your teeth.

Invisalign Express is limited to a maximum of 7 aligners and we can’t cheat the maths. Our dentists will advise this option only if the amount of tooth movement to correct your bite and meet your goals falls into these parameters.

Why Smile Stories loves Invisalign Express

With Invisalign Express you can carry on with your lifestyle as normal, drink what you drink, eat what you eat. That being said, you will need to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day to see results. And there is no need to worry about the process.  You will arrive at our Invisalign clinic in Bournemouth, where you’ll feel immediately at ease. We will then assess to see which Invisalign plan is best suited for you. If you fit the requirement for Invisalign Express then the next steps will be to create your dream smile with you. X-rays and scans are used to build a profile of how you want your smile to look. When you are happy with what we have created this is sent off to the lab and we await your first aligners, this usually takes 2 weeks. When the aligners arrive you will be invited back for them to be fitted. You will require several aligners over your treatment as it is the slow changes in the aligners that will move your teeth into the perfect smile for you. 

So if you have been staring at that recent selfie you took or a group photo with your mates and all you can see is that one wonky tooth then get in touch with our Invisalign Express expert team. You can spend a lifetime trying to perfect a smile without flashing your teeth. Or you could spend 3 months with Invisalign Express and welcome your perfect smile. Sounds a plan to us.