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Dental Health Check

At Smile Stories we don’t do your traditional ‘in-and-out in 5 minutes’ check-up appointment. We offer unrushed, comprehensive dentistry and take the time to explain it every step of the way.

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For New Clients

The Total 3D Health Check


At Smile Stories, we listen.

We start with your goals and your reason for being here. Whether you’d like straight teeth, gaps filling, want to smile at your wedding, or just want to be pain-free and eat the foods you love again, then let us know.

composite veneers vs porcelain which is best

Our 3-Part New Client Onboarding includes:


  • A Gentle Professional Hygiene Visit. Because prevention is better than cure.


  • The most comprehensive health check you’ll have by any dentist… ever.


  • Your Bespoke Plan revealed – We’ll explain your step-by-step roadmap to complete health and Lifetime Smile Confidence. It’ll be broken down so it’s easy to understand and show the fees to make it happen.


Chat to us on WhatsApp

Want to know what your options are without spending time and money at the clinic?

Our friendly team of Client Care Coordinators are here to help.

If you’d like to know if we can help you then just reach out and have a chat.


For Our Members and Current Clients


3D Health Check Hygiene Combo Visits


Our clients tell us they appreciate the comprehensive, collaborative approach we have to their oral health.

So every 6 months both our dentists and hygienists will treat you in a combined Health Check and Professional Hygiene appointment. This means your healthcare professionals are all on the same page, and you know exactly what’s going on in your mouth as you’re included in the conversation.

can composite bonding fix crooked teeth
composite bonding for crooked teeth

What we do:

  • Full oral health check including cavity and decay detection, gum disease diagnosis, oral cancer screenings, temporomandibular joint health check, tooth wear analysis.
  • 3D Scanning.
  • X-rays – Because not everything is in plain sight! It’s impossible to see between teeth and under fillings with our eyes.
  • Professional Hygiene Visit – Gently but thoroughly detoxing your mouth to ensure it’s both healthy, hygienic and fresh.
  • Help and Advice – Have areas tough to clean or struggling with floss? No problem, we’re here to guide you and hold your hand every step of the way.

What's the 3D bit about though?

Put your hands up if you’ve been to your dentist for a check-up, they look in your mouth, bark out a load of numbers and other jargon to the nurse, then they say you need 3 fillings? See you next time!

Sadly, it happens a lot.

No explanation of the current condition of your mouth, what they’re seeing on your x-rays, why you have cavities, or any preventative advice to stop the same charade happening in 6 months time.


That’s why we take the time to explain things properly in a language you understand, just plain English.

And we use 3D scanners so you can see for yourself


A picture tells 1,000 words and we use our scanners to track all sorts of dental health measurements more accurately than a normal dentist.


Are you teeth moving over time? Gums receding or gum disease getting worse? Has that old metal filling broken down more since your last visit or your grinding got worse?


You’ll know about it and we’ll show you.

digital dental scanning

Smile Stories Membership


Our clients tell us becoming a member makes sense.

Financially and for complete oral health.




Here are a few of the benefits:


  • Reduced fees for 3D Health Check and Hygiene Visits
  • 20% reduced fees for healthy mouth treatments
  • 5% reduced fees for all cosmetic treatments
  • Regular visits means less can go wrong over time
  • Proactive dentistry instead of reactive dentistry. Don’t wait for something to break before you fix it.
Free Total Health Report & Chat

Want a healthy and hygiene mouth but unsure what your options are?


Send us 6 simple photos of your teeth and our expert dental team will take a look for you.


We’ll send you a bespoke complimentary Total Health Report to give you an idea of what we can see and your options to solve your goals going forwards.