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Life-Changing Cosmetic Composite Bonding Delivers a Same-Day Smile Makeover

Composite bonding bournemouth

Wow! Imagine that. We can help you get the smile you have always wanted in just one appointment. Transform your smile and show off your straight, white teeth with Smile Stories Composite Bonding in Bournemouth.

If you want to change the shape or size of your teeth, close annoying spaces or hide receding gums,  composite bonding could be the ideal option for a perfect smile.

Our cosmetic dentists are experts and artists providing the best cosmetic bonding in Bournemouth. Meet the team and find out for free how composite bonding in Bournemouth can transform your smile and take the first step in your smile journey.

We do Lifetime Smile Confidence with a difference.

How Can Composite Bonding Give You a Perfect Smile?

The changes cosmetic dentistry can make are endless, but here are some of the ways Smile Stories can help you with composite bonding in Bournemouth:

  • Perfect teeth shape  — composite bonding can be used to make your teeth larger, squarer, longer, or give a more balanced appearance.
  • Close the gap — composite bonding is a fantastic way to close any unwanted spaces between teeth.
  • Fix chipped teeth — we can use composite bonding to fix any chips or breaks.
  • Healthier teeth — Cleaning teeth is easier and there are no places for food debris and bacteria to hide!
  • Whiter and brighter — if teeth whitening isn’t an option for you, composite bonding is a great way to make dull or discoloured teeth white.

If you still aren’t sure whether cosmetic bonding is suitable for you, why not check out our dental transformations and follow the smile stories of people like you?

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Benefits of Composite Bonding


Here are a few of the fantastic benefits of composite bonding and why it could be an excellent option for you:

  • Same-day smile makeover — the treatment is normally complete in just one appointment! Is there a special event creeping up in the diary? Composite bonding could be the perfect solution to get you camera-ready.
  • Rarely drilling or injections — one of the great things about composite bonding is there’s usually no need for any drills or dental anaesthesia, meaning you can go about your normal day straight after your visit.
  • Your teeth stay protected — your teeth need very little preparation and we aim to remove minimal amounts (if any) of your existing tooth enamel.

Have you been thinking about transforming your life with newfound smile confidence? Want to feel good about taking a selfie? Find out why Smile Stories cosmetic dentists in Bournemouth is different.

Composite Bonding Bournemouth

Our team has extensive experience when it comes to straightening teeth using Invisalign. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you achieve the perfect smile, give us a call, fill in our contact form or pop into our dental practice in Bournemouth:



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Our Happy Composite Bonding Clients

Read about some of the people who have benefitted from our Composite Bonding treatment.


Here's what (real) people say about us

What Our Clients Say

Jade MacklinJade Macklin
19:42 29 Jul 22
In one word: Amazing! From the very first message the team has been so attentive and caring. Every step of my journey so far I have felt supported by the teams kind follow up messages and Zak’s friendly zoom calls. Today was my first ever major dentist procedure and Zak and Tash made me feel at ease the entire time. I was very surprised my filling and wisdom tooth removal was quick and completely painless. Zak particularly has made me feel in safe hands from our first encounter and you can tell he really cares about what he does. I am very excited to be on this journey with smile stories and would 100% recommend to anyone !
Mike HonourMike Honour
19:04 29 Jul 22
I came to Smile Stories after a couple of bad experiences with previous dentists. They were highly recommended by a friend. I hated my teeth and I knew I needed a lot of work. The guys at Smile Stories put me at ease straight away and Gareth and his team have completely transformed my teeth and given me back my smile and my confidence. I have been treated so well, weirdly I don't mind going to the dentist any more...
Kathryne EllingerKathryne Ellinger
19:31 26 Jul 22
I honestly love this place so much. My mouth hurts from smiling so much on my visits. Best dentist I could ever ask for. Faultless customer service, the reception team are so helpful, quick to respond and just brilliant, nothing is ever too much trouble!!I am so happy with my new smile, I couldn't of wished for more.Zak, tash and Laura are brilliant, I honestly look forward to my visits and never did I believe I would look forward to going to the dentist. Also the decode of the place is to die for!!
Madi JensenMadi Jensen
07:15 06 Jul 22
Absolutely loved my treatment with Smile Stories. The team are all so lovely and helpful and went above and beyond to accommodate my difficult time schedule. The whole process was smooth and I’m so pleased with my results. Would 100% recommend this company!
Malcolm SargeantMalcolm Sargeant
17:43 10 May 22
I thought I would just put a message up saying how good the Smile Stories team are. Whether it is a hygienist or dentist appointment I am always made to feel welcome which instantly relaxes me. Any procedures are always explained to me first in a very reassuring way and I have been given some very useful advice by the team that has proved invaluable in keeping my teeth in good shape. ? Lastly, the waiting room always puts a smile on my face. The revamp has a cool club vibe going on . Five stars from me.
Alexandra CookAlexandra Cook
19:02 20 Mar 22
Beyond thrilled with my Invisalign results and couldn’t recommend the team at Smile Stories more. The whole experience, from initial consultation to final check up, was easy, professional and enjoyable. The team really do go above and beyond to make you feel at ease and make sure you’re 100% happy with the results!
Jessica BurgessJessica Burgess
16:07 14 Feb 22
I have nothing but good things to say about Smile Stories. Everyone is so genuine and lovely. Gareth has completely transformed my smile and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. They always go above and beyond to meet your needs and make you feel comfortable. My whole experience has been amazing. I have been and always will recommend Smile Stories to anyone. Thank you so much Gareth and team!
19:46 10 Feb 22
I love what they have done with the practice. It is so fresh and doesn't feel like going to the dentist at all. The welcome is always so warm and everyone takes a genuine interest in you and have your best interests at heart. There are always appointments at convenient times and nothing is ever too much trouble.I would absolutely recommend Smile Stories!
Becca CoxBecca Cox
11:09 04 Feb 22
I started my Invisalign nearly a year ago and I can’t recommend Smile Stories enough! The whole team is fabulous! And their interior decor is a fantastic finishing touch! A very professional service in the treatment room and front of house! Customer service and communication is excellent! Always happy to help and a happy environment to walk into! Happy to answer any questions and a really personal approach to my care! Cannot fault the team and their service!
Lesley SpeedLesley Speed
07:55 25 Jan 22
I have been going to this dentist for years - including prior to it becoming Smile Stories. Jayne the hygienist is so lovely and always puts me at ease as teeth cleaning makes me very nervous.I then decided to have my teeth straightened and Zak did this for me. I’m so happy with the end result. Makes me feel so much more confident to have nice, white straight teeth. Thank you Zak.The dentist surgery has now changed to Smile Stories and the staff are so friendly and helpful. You are met by friendly happy reception staff as soon as you arrive.Thanks all for making coming to the dentist not such a nerve racking experience.
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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right for You?

1. Edge bonding for the perfect teeth shape

Adding composite only to the edges of teeth is perfect for increasing the size or shape, closing up spaces, fixing chips and lengthening them. But your teeth need to be straight to do this.

If they’re crooked, you may need Invisalign teeth straightening treatment.

photo of upper uneven teeth before bonding
photo of upper uneven teeth after bonding

2. Gap closure bonding for receding gums

We select specific areas to add composite, sometimes worn grooves or those pesky in-betweeny triangles caused by receding gums.

With careful polishing and buffing, your smile is completely transformed.

Gap Closure Bonding Composite Teeth Bonding Dental Bonding Bournemouth Poole
Gap Closure Results Composite Teeth Bonding Bondings Bonds Dental Bonding Bournemouth Poole

3. Composite veneers for worn and discoloured teeth

We bond composite veneers to the front surface of your teeth to completely cover any imperfections. We can make your teeth whiter, straighten, close up large spaces, reverse worn-looking teeth and even widen your smile.


Composite Veneer Before
Composite-Veneer-Makeover-1600x900 (1)

Your smile is unique. We’ll help deliver your smile goals and have a complete blast along the way. Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Bournemouth? Look no further.

Lydia Shares Her Smile Makeover Composite Bonding Story

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All you need to do is send us six photos of your smile and let our friendly experts design your own bespoke Confident Smile Report.

Once we have worked together to determine your smile goals, we can book you for your complimentary video consultation!

Say hi to the Smile Stories team, and let us help you find your perfect smile path today.

Award-Winning Composite Bonding Cosmetic Dentists in Bournemouth

Your Composite Bonding Questions Answered

Does composite bonding hurt?

Not at all, and we can normally do it all in one appointment without drilling or injections.

How can composite bonding help you?

Composite bonding can totally transform your smile. Here are a few things it can do:

  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Make your teeth whiter, especially if teeth whitening hasn’t worked for you
  • Straighten your teeth if you have mild crowding
  • Replace silver fillings and make them invisible
  • Fix chips and fill in spaces between teeth
  • Close up a big space between front teeth
  • Restore worn teeth if you’ve ground them down

How do composite veneers compare with porcelain veneers?

Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers can normally be applied in one appointment and teeth need little to no preparation. They are also less expensive and easy to repair or replace. Best of all, they are completely pain-free and rarely require drilling or injections.

However, composite veneers don’t last as long as porcelain veneers and can chip or stain more easily. Both have advantages and disadvantages but don’t worry; we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

How do I care for teeth after composite bonding?

After composite bonding, you need to care for your teeth as you would normally, cleaning them twice daily and flossing/using interdental brushes daily. It is also important to attend your regular dental checkups, so our team can look after your bonding.

Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco, as this can cause staining. Such stains are tough to remove and may even result in the dental bonding needing to be repeated. Eating a lot of curries and drinking excessive tea and coffee, red wine (sorry) and other dark liquids can also cause the dental bonding composite to stain. 

Avoid chewing hard foods directly with the composite areas, as this can cause them to chip. And don’t chew pens or bite your nails — and never open bottles (or anything else) with your teeth!

What happens during composite bonding in Bournemouth?

Cosmetic tooth bonding is where we “bond” white-coloured resin material directly onto your teeth. Composite is a plasticine-like putty in different shades, which we match to your teeth to create a perfect blend. An essential point!

We always recommend teeth whitening first. Everyone wants whiter teeth, and if you choose to whiten after bonding, the bonding won’t change colour.

We complete the composite bonding process in five painless steps:

  1. Colour matching — We ensure the bonding material matches your teeth exactly for a seamless blend.
  2. Isolation — What?! We place a rubber sheet over the teeth we’re bonding. Dry bonding is the best bonding. It also means you get no unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  3. Shampoo and condition — We’re getting ready!
  4. The arty bit — We hand-sculpt the “composite” material, and when it looks perfect, we set it with a blue light to harden it. 
  5. Polishing — This makes composite bonding look natural and completely blends in with your teeth. Nobody will ever know.


How long does cosmetic dental bonding last?

After composite bonding in Bournemouth, the composite material will typically last between five and seven years. After this time, it’ll need to be completely replaced. How long it lasts depends on how well you look after your teeth after composite bonding, and regular professional hygiene visits are essential.

I’ve had composite bonding — why does my tooth feel strange?

This is normal; don’t worry about it. It’ll take a few days for everything to settle in and then you will no longer notice the composite bonding.

What does composite bonding cost?

Composite edge bonding in Bournemouth is from £195 per tooth. Composite veneers start at £355 per tooth. There is no “one size fits all” package; this is why you can take your first steps for free to find out about a bespoke smile makeover.

What are the alternatives to dental bonding?

Your teeth may be more suited to dental crowns or veneers than composite bonding. Everyone is unique and we will always advise you of all of your options.

Which composite do you use?

We use an array of top-quality composite products. Our cosmetic dentists in Bournemouth love G-aenial and Empress Direct. These are matched to the colour of your teeth and artistically hand-crafted to perfectly blend in with your natural teeth.

Will my teeth be sensitive after composite bonding?

Unlikely. Teeth aren’t usually sensitive after the composite bonding. If you do experience some sensitivity, this is nothing to worry about and will likely settle down after a few days.

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