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Rachel’s chipped edges & corners

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A story of teeth always in the wars

“It gets to that point when you’re constantly covering your smile…”

We knew how much Rach’s teeth mattered to her from the first minute we met.

She had looked back at her wedding photos thinking she couldn’t express herself freely on that day because she was embarrassed to show their unevenness.

But at the time all she knew was that the caps repeatedly done by her dentist didn’t last long.

They’d told her everything was healthy, wear a night-guard to stop wearing them down more, and that was that… see you again in 6 months!


Clenching + pressing & grinding  =  Chipping + wear & tear

Rach knew something wasn’t right.

And she knew she had been clenching her teeth, pressing them together, and posturing her jaw in random directions when she was concentrating at work.

Once we unravelled her back-story and the cause of the problem, everything fitted together like a jigsaw puzzle. Including her teeth!

Her bottom teeth were over-crowding and tearing her top teeth edges up.

And as they chipped, the lower teeth drifted more. Then her top teeth chipped more and more… and so the nightmare continued!

Bonding chips just like Rach's teeth did. That's why we ABC.

Worn teeth
Before ABC
Worn teeth composite bonding
After ABC

What's ABC? This is how the magic happens:


A for Align

A sequence of uniquely made Invisalign aligners, worn 22 hours a day for 13 months (with a 4 month Covid-lockdown pause!)

Brighten Whiten Teeth Icon Boutique

B for Brighten

Painless Teeth Whitening with our trusty Boutique Whitening System

Contour Teeth Finesse Result

C for Contour

Composite Edge Bonding, adding to only the missing areas and blended to a smooth unnoticeable surface. The icing on the cake.

"Wait and See"? It's a recipe for disaster...

… and so is rebuilding them without aligning them first. After all, if you had something to repair in your house you’d find out what caused in the first place and sort that out first, right?

And btw we get it. It’s practically impossible to never clench your teeth together again in your lifetime. What we find is that once the teeth bite together correctly and slide across each other as nature designed them to, they are much less likely to break repeatedly.

Plus we custom-make night time protective guards so you can protect them, obviously. But you’ll be wearing those at night as retainers to stop your teeth drifting back anyway!

Dual purpose, dual benefit.

Rachel's Chipped Teeth
Before the Magic
Rachel's Composite Bonding Magic
After the Magic

No more hiding, here are all the angles

Before composite bonding
After composite bonding

weeks of painless Boutique Home Whitening


teeth with seamless Composite Edge Bonding

Edge Bonding is not the same as Composite Veneers


of clients who have had Composite Bonding at Smile Stories.

There is no “one size fits all” package – we don’t just Composite Veneer everything to make our lives easier! Often it could burden you with more future costs and hassle.


compliments you’ll receive per month (just count them!)

"SO much easier than I thought it was going to be..."

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