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Porcelain Veneers Bournemouth

A co-planned and custom-built smile makeover. If you can dream your smile, we can create it together.

That’s why people travel from around the UK for Smile Stories Porcelain Veneers.

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Porcelain Veneers are what we do best

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By Multi Award-Winning Cosmetic Dentists

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Porcelain veneers in Bournemouth & Poole turn heads


If you’re looking for a real “WOW” smile and want a long-term, minimal-fuss solution then dental veneers are for you.

And porcelain veneers don’t necessarily mean a smile you look at without sunglasses. Sure, you can opt for Love Island white but porcelain veneers are hand-painted and designed completely to your taste. We can make them look as natural or Hollywood as you choose, that’s the beauty of them.

What are porcelain veneers?

Dental veneers are like fake nails for your teeth. They’re ultra-thin hand-crafted ceramic that are fully customised in shape, texture and colour. The devil is in the detail, and those details are decided by us together. We co-design your ideal smile.

The veneer typically provides a new front surface for the tooth and so can create a whole new look for an individual tooth, several teeth or an entire smile.



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Smile Stories Dental Bournemouth

Versatile and strikingly natural. This is how porcelain veneers can help you smile.

  • Align crowded or crooked teeth – If you’d like straight teeth but don’t want months or years of orthodontic treatment
  • Repair chipped, worn or broken teeth – Halting or reversing the ageing process and protecting your teeth
  • Close spaces – Fill in the gaps to create golden proportions to your smile
  • Brighten your teeth – 100% mask your teeth, lightening the colour and hiding unwanted marks or spots


The Smile Stories team do things differently from your normal dentists. We listen to your concerns and goals and plan your confident smile together.

We are all about the lifetime result

We’re all about #lifetimesmileconfidence. Everything we do is geared towards you having the smile of your dreams lasting forever.

  • With 4x the lifespan of composite veneers, porcelain veneers are built to last.
  • Our membership plans mean can keep your veneers looking exactly the same as the day they were placed.
  • We guarantee our work for 5 years, but porcelain veneers usually last up to 20 years with proper care.

We’d love to help you feel confident about your smile, just like we’ve helped hundreds of people in the past. Check out our smile stories!

Our Happy Veneers Clients

Read about some of the people who have benefitted from our Veneers treatment.


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Whether you live in Bournemouth, Poole, or anywhere else in Dorset, Smile Stories is here to help you regain confidence in your smile.

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"But don't you have to shave my teeth down?"

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We get asked all the time.

And our survey said…absolutely not.

Take these teeth for example.  Zero shaving, smoothing, cutting or filing was done whatsoever in order to place the veneers.

Veneers have a bad rep due to the recent trend of going abroad for cheap dental treatment. The thing is though, you’re not getting veneers abroad, you’re getting crowns. Crowns provide a cheap, destructive treatment but mean they can get you in and out in a few days.

Smile Stories place ultra-thin veneers with minimal preparation, or no preparation whatsoever. Your safety is our priority.

Meet Your Porcelain Veneer Dentists in Bournemouth

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Meet Zak & Gareth

Gareth and Zak place 100’s of veneers every year. With Postgraduate Diplomas in Aesthetic and Restorative dentistry and a fair few air miles training in the US, there are not many people with as much experience.

Co-founders of Smile Stories, Zak and Gareth believe in unhurried and collaborative dentistry and will involve you every step of the way. We pick the tooth shapes, sizes and colour together. Everything is based on your goals.

Your dental veneers are truly customised and they work with only the best master-ceramists in the UK to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Porcelain Veneers Beat Composite Veneers Hands Down

porcelain veneers vs composite veneers


Porcelain has been the material of choice for smile makeovers for decades, but you’ve probably heard of the new kid on the block, composite.

A questions our cosmetic dentists get asked almost daily is “which is better for teeth veneers?” Take a glance at the table and you’ll see that porcelain veneers win hands down. 

Porcelain Veneers Bournemouth

Our cosmetic dental team have placed thousands of veneers between them and have tonnes of experiencing with porcelain veneers. If you’re interested in finding out how we can help you achieve your confident smile, give us a call, fill in our contact form or pop into our dental practice in Bournemouth:



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The process couldn’t be more straightforward — all you have to do is send us six photos of your smile, and we’ll take it from there.

Our Aesthetic Dentists will analyse your smile and send you your very own bespoke Confident Smile Report advising you of your options to achieve your smile goals. From there, you can book in for a FREE Video Consultation with one of our Invisalign dentists.

Our dental treatments range from Invisalign, composite bonding, implants, teeth whitening, white spot removal and silver filling replacement. By working together, we’ll put a plan in place to give you Lifetime Smile Confidence. 

Whether you live in Bournemouth, Poole, or anywhere else in Dorset, Smile Stories is here to help you regain confidence in your smile.

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A head-turning smile from £3 a day

You read that right! With our flexible 0% interest free finance options up to 24 months, your dream smile could cost you the same price as your daily coffee.

Porcelain Veneers Bournemouth FAQs & Myth Busting

Which areas of Bournemouth do you offer porcelain veneer procedures?

We offer porcelain veneer procedures throughout the whole of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Our clients visit us from Moordown, Charminster, Southbourne, Sandbanks, Boscombe, Canford Heath, Littledown, Westbourne, Branksome, West Howe, Muscliff, Northbourne and throughout the rest of Bournemouth to visit our dental clinic based in Winton.

How do composite veneers compare with porcelain veneers?

Unlike porcelain veneers, composite veneers can normally be applied in one appointment and teeth need little to no preparation. They are also less expensive and easy to repair or replace. Best of all, they are completely pain-free and rarely require drilling or injections.

However, composite veneers don’t last as long as porcelain veneers and can chip or stain more easily. Both have advantages and disadvantages but don’t worry; we’ll help you make the right choice for you.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are the equivalent of a fake fingernail for your teeth.

They’re bonded on to improve the colour, shape or sizes.

Read here for more information.

How do I look after porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are a life-changing investment, but like any investment whether it be a new car or sofa you must look after them or wear and tear may happen, especially as veneers are surviving in a hot, wet environment subject to food and drink every day.

Here are our top 9 tips to look after your porcelain veneers.

How much are porcelain veneers?

A common question we get asked is ‘how much are porcelain veneers?‘ The answer it not as much as you may think, especially with 0% interest-free finance options.

How do you get porcelain veneers and what’s the process?

At Smile Stories we take things slowly and plan collaboratively. We include you every step of the way and follow very careful steps to ensure you get the exact smile you can to see us for.

Read more about our process here.

Can you whiten porcelain veneers?

If your veneers have discoloured or you can see a dark ring between the veneer and the tooth you may be wondering if the appearance can be improved? Read to find out how you can whiten your porcelain veneers?

How are porcelain veneers fixed to teeth?

If you’re wondering what the process of how porcelain veneers are stuck looks like then read on here.

What’s a Lumineer and is it right for me?

A Lumineer is the brand name for a minimally prepared porcelain veneer, much like a Ford or Mercedes is a brand of a car. There are some differences between Lumineers and other brands which you can read about in this article.

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