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Anabel’s crowded front teeth

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Anabel's Concerns and Goals

A crowded mouth

Lovely Anabel didn’t like her crowded teeth.

Now you may look at them and think it’s only minor, but Anabel proves that every smile is personal. She didn’t like that the front teeth appeared bigger because her second teeth were tucked behind.

She felt like it had bothered her for so long that it was time to change it. At the end of the day, your smile is with you for life!

Her goal

To be able to smile with total confidence and have all of the front teeth aligned.

Photo of Anabels teeth before
Photo of Anabel's teeth after

The Plan

Clear Invisalign Aligners

Anabel had minor crowding in her top and bottom jaw. She wanted to straighten these teeth discreetly, so nobody would notice she was doing it.

The solution was Invisalign aligners, the comfortable alternative to train-track braces.





A sequence of clear aligners to straighten her teeth

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Professional birightening of the smile

The Result


painless 3D scans –
no goopy mouth moulds here!


discreet Invisalign


months from
start to finish


happy client with
lifetime smile confidence

Photo of Anabel before and after

And here's a few thoughts from Anabel about her smile journey

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